Friday, February 5, 2016

Just a scene or two

Make it! or Break it!

"But it could be so much fun." Vada winced. She looked over her shoulder at Alo who was actually reading through the play book.

"You do it. I don't like audiences." He shrugged. Still a smile gave way. Especially, when she chatted him up, how so many loved him where he worked.

"But I ..really..really..want to do this play with you. Please!"

Roman said they needed someone like, Alo. Especially, with that awesome Scottish accent of his.

He shook his head, but he was smiling.

She couldn't help to go to  him. Even if it was in her own room, and hug him, ever so endearing.. She saw their reflection in her dresser mirror. It would so be a play worth watching. She just knew.

"I hate memorizing things." He gritted. "I might be a doctor or something by now if my memory was any good."

"Oh, please, I don't believe you." She took his shoulders.

He smirked a little. "I dunno if..if could stand for Bear to see me, though. Not..not in"

"I don't believe you." She was wide-eyed and ready to learn her part this instant and his too.

"He'll think it silly. And laugh." Alo winced. "What a horrid laugh."

"Please." How much would she have to beg? Roman was practically Alo's best friend. He couldn't let him down. He wouldn't.

Alo sighed with a smile. Oh, she knew she had him wrapped around her little finger, but of course it was a secret she wouldn't dare let on about.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Sometimes secrets are safer when kept.


Launna said...

I adore Vada and Alo together, they are so cute ♡