Saturday, February 6, 2016

between the lines

between the lines

Xander thought about what Josie spoke of, Joey being at his place. What was he hiding from?

"I think, you, need to go back to your place." Joey hadn't been off that many days from work. "You have to keep working. have to keep trying."

Joey wasn't much too keen on doing anything, but Xander did get him to call work. Even if Joey probably told the biggest lie, about his mother's sudden illness. At least, he wasn't fired.

Xander wondered then, just what else had Joey been lying about.

There was Joey's truck to worry about, except Xander wasn't going too. There were other realities setting in, like home with Simon and his family.

"Sorry, but I can't leave you here at my place. I need to see what's up with my Dad and his family."

Xander wasn't expecting Joey to say, "We're cool."

And that was it...

As Xander cleaned up his parents kitchen now, he did seriously wonder if Joey was cool with it. He certainly wasn't going to bother with him now.

Evidently, his Dad and step-mom had a big fight, and Simon didn't want to be alone with them.

So here, he was. Possibly a buffer, or just a maid. Suddenly, everyone was closed mouth.

He went to get a wash on and vacuumed the mess in the livingroom

Really, it was such a shame to see high end pieces smashed. Of course, he'd never bought anything like this in his life, even if he'd had the money for it (he would have left it at the store). But he wouldn't bring it up. Honestly, he didn't see himself actually having a place in this family.

Yet, there was Simon, who was helping him along.

Finally, his step-mom came out of one bedroom and his father from another. The look on their faces, told him everything he needed to know. They didn't want him cleaning up.

"Well, somebody has too." He left it at that. If they weren't going to talk, then he didn't see the need too.

He and Simon went on to make dinner. It was a few simple left overs in a stirfry, but they sufficed. His dad even ate and thanked him.


Launna said...

Xander is very nice to help out but he needs to remember to look after himself. ..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Fighting parents is never easy to deal with.