Sunday, February 7, 2016

about that

about that

"I just don't think I can explain it to you." Why did Joey even bother? She was Becca's girlfriend, for God's sakes. He didn't want to see her, when he was trying to work. He was lucky they hadn't found a replacement. Who else would want to do all this lifting, bending and sometimes finding the worst thing possible (Like dead meat still in a plastic wrapper) while trying to cull out dated drinks in a display. It was exhausting and he'd only been on the job for four hours.

"Try me." Chelsea was perturbed that Becca wouldn't return her calls. She'd drove all the way to Sioux City, just to find out Becca wasn't even there.

"It has nothing to do with Becca." True, he'd been a lazy bum, lately, vegetating at Xander's. If only, he could go back to Xander's place and sleep. Right now.

"Aren't you worried?" There she went, about the Becca mystery.

"Not really." He pressed his lips tight. "I guess, I'm selfish that way." He scratched the back of his head, thinking there was nothing cool about this gray jumpsuit he was in. After all, he'd walked here to work, in the cold and dirty snow. "I've done enough worry. And I don't want to get killed, just for knowing her." Besides, Xander was on his mind.

It was still sad to think, Xander might actually hate him. After all, Xander practically kicked him out.  "I dunno what she did, or what she will do. Now, I feel like I'm bringing everybody down, who I want to be with."

"Like, that long haired dude?" Chelsea stared at him as if she didn't know it was that serious.

"How do you know about him?" Joey winced, wishing she'd just let him get back to work.

"Becca mentioned him. She said she thought you might be in love with him."

Joey sighed heavily, wanting to argue, but he didn't. He moved some more cans of beer around and stacked what needed to be thrown away.

"She actually said that?" Of course, he wanted to know when. Maybe Chelsea was a liar. "Maybe I am." He said real quiet, about being in love with Xander.

"Does he know?" Chelsea was much more concerned than he wanted her to be.

Joey only scowled.

"You're an idiot. Just like she said." Chelsea snapped.

He didn't have a comeback for her.

Here, he'd been with Xander all this time, and he hadn't even poked him with his big toe with the sharp toenail, even when they were in bed.

Of course, Xander always let him go to sleep first. Then when Xander was there, it was like he had enough clothes on, to be ready for work, and slept on the very edge with his back turned.

"LOOK, I don't want to talk about it..with you. We are not friends. We are nothing." Joey looked at her seriously.

"But everybody likes you, Joey." She smiled. "Just don't fuck this up with Xander, before its too late."

Joey winced hard. Wishing Xander wasn't into this idea that he was enabling him. He wasn't, but how was he suppose to get this right with Xander?


Launna said...

I hope Joey straightens up soon ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Joey really needs to sort things out once and for all.