Tuesday, March 8, 2016

19 questions

what would you ask your ex?

Vada and Omaha.
Long time no see, but then she begins to wonder about him..even if the relationship was only a few summers ago at camp. She saw him recently, looking at graphic novels in the YA section at the library.

1. Are you dating again yet? What are you waiting for?

OMAHA: I thought it was serious, but that was like..god years ago..I guess. (He shrugs about someone he used to know) It turns out. It wasn't. She went back to the University.

2. Did you ever kind of enjoy hanging out with his friends more than you enjoyed hanging out with him?

VADA: No, I wouldn't say that. We were pretty much loners at camp. (she gives Omaha a quick smile. he smiles back with a smirk)

3. What’s the real reason you broke up?
VADA: He never gave me his phone number, nor his last name or where he lived. Oh, he didn't want it to last. (she crosses his arms as if this is all his fault, but then she laughs)
OMAHA: You, didn't ask. Sure, I still wanted to see you. I just figured you wouldn't. That seems to be my IMO..or whatever. (he winces as if he didn't know.) And I was just you know, a teenager. Not even sixteen.

4. Do you ever look at my Facebook page and hate me? If so, how do you justify it?

Both confess they don't use Facebook.

VADA: I don't hate him. I'd never hate Omaha.
OMAHA: (grins) She's really sweet. It's just.. not many people to know it.

5. Do you have fantasies about getting back together… and can you not?
VADA: OH MY GOD. Seriously, I haven't thought of Omaha in ages. And there he was... looking at some comic books at the library while I was shelving. It..was..just a surprise. That's all. And..seriously, he hasn't changed a bit. (she shrugs)

OMAHA: Well.. (He looks at her out of the corner of his eye) Maybe there was a..dream or two (he sighs. then laughs with a tease)

6. What aspects of his personality are you responsible for / should I blame you for?

VADA: I don't think I'm respondsible (Vada's wince is more of a grimace as she looks at him) We only knew each other for about two weeks. Granted, if felt a whole lot longer. I mean, he really listened to me. Maybe, I made him a good listener. (Vada smirks)

OMAHA: I guess. I just liked being with her. Even if..it were just walks in the woods, being around the camp fire. Remember that bear I tried to carve out of wood? (his smile is open)

VADA: Yeah, you cut yourself. Then I cut myself. A real bonding moment.

OMAHA: I'll always feel..you're older than me. Even if you're not. You, really have this Big Sister attitude about you. (Omaha sighs as if he remembers)

7. Were your parents concerned about your future when you guys were dating?
They shake their heads NO since it wasn't really dating while away at summer camp. They explained it was a way for urban kids to see how life was, in the outdoors.

8. What am I supposed to do when he shuts down?

VADA: I never knew him to shut down. But he was very shy. I dunno if he reads all that well, since at the time, I wasn't a reader, myself. I mean, there was a lot things we didn't talk about, and yet we felt like we were going on an adventure everyday, going on walks, finding rocks, toads...that kind of thing.

OMAHA: Well..she (He shuts his eyes tight and grits as if he isn't sure he should talk about it or not) she did tell me something about how she didn't talk for a long time, when she was younger. I dunno, exactly...how long it went on, but she'd been traumatized. And I didn't ask her any questions. I just thought, she was really amazing, to let all that bad stuff go. (he sighs) Then I remembered how my dad was when he used to drink. Crazy stuff. But I didn't really talk about it. I liked that we could do our own thing.

9. Do your friends know who I am?

OMAHA: Not like I told everyone about you when I came home from summer camp. I mentioned you to my grandma, and my mom. (he shrugs)

VADA: Of course, I thought about Omaha. I did, but I didn't talk to anyone about him at the foster home, I was in.

10. Can a bad day be fixed with food? Sex? A bonding drug experience?

VADA: What kind of relationship do you think we had? We were middle schoolers. (Vada scrunches a face)

OMAHA: Oh, but there was the kissing. (Omaha's smile is open) I mean, she was the first girl.. I ever..you know..did anything with. And..well..it was pretty hot. I mean, she put the standard way UP there. (he chuckles, as he tries to show by stretching his arm up high and she playfully pulls his arm down. They laugh.)

11. Was your birthdate a thing he remembered on a regular basis, or was he more likely to remember the Numbers from LOST?

VADA: I never told him my birthday. (She looks at Omaha)

OMAHA: I can't say I'm really good at remembering birthdays. (He sighs)

12. Can I expect to be surprised at all, or is this more of a what you see is what you get kind of thing?
OMAHA: I'm pretty sure its the latter. (He's straight lipped now.)
13. How was the sex for you guys? Do you miss it?
VADA: OK, we didn't have sex..exactly (she clarifies)

OMAHA: Oh, but it was close. It could have been great. Maybe (he sighs as if he's learned a lot since middle school)
14. Do you ever wish we could be friends?

OMAHA: There was a time I would have said, HELL NO. But now. Who knows. (he shrugs)

VADA: I dunno. I mean, I'm in such a great relationship right now. (she sighs as she looks at him.) Maybe I could fix him up..with a friend. Possibly. (but she looks uncertain.)

15. Are you OK with the idea that I probably know some intensely personal things about you?

OMAHA: What? You know things about me? (he laughs, as if its a joke)

VADA: I dunno. I mean, sometimes, I think he knows how I used to be, not how I am now.

16. What was the biggest point of contention in your relationship?

OMAHA: Contention is such a big word. (he smirks) That's not exactly how we broke up. I mean, summer camp was over and she went her way. And I went mine. We didn't even have a cell phone then. We were very poor kids.

17. Should I believe him when he warns me about the more toxic aspects of his personality?
Vada only laughs

VADA: Maybe I should ask my boyfriend now..that question.

18. Do I need to be super concerned about getting my heart broken?

OMAHA: Oh, she's tough. She's really tough. (he smiles as if a broken heart is a thing of the past)

19. What do you wish you could ask me?

VADA: What are you doing with your life now?

OMAHA: Does she still like Eskimo pie?

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I love how in-depth this was. It's great to see them together again - even if they're not, technically, together.