Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Heaven knows

Heaven knows

Why did it go so quickly?

Taylor knew in his head there were days before Sara went off to Chicago, but there were things to do. Things she wanted them to do together, and it wasn't benging on old TV shows on NetFlix.

Oh, she wanted this fixed. And that done. She was full of nerves and well, frankly, he knew now..not enough sex was involved. Still, he got to hold her hand, embrace her, ever so often. Then the day came, and she didn't cry at all.

He thought she was rather cold when she left at the airport.

He went to get groceries, immediately. Even if they really didn't need anything. Funny, he was still thinking THEY, when deep down, he did wonder if he was on Sara's mind at all.

Suddenly, he was full of gloom as he pushed the grocery cart aimlessly around the big grocery store.

Were they going to be OK? The thought kept coming to him like a nervous pulse in his veins. He felt shattered. This was not what he'd expected from Sara.

And then, he looked up, and saw a blast from the past.

Taylor winced. Finally, he focused and stood there blankly.


Perhaps a bad omen, indeed.

Omaha stole his girl (Once upon a time,Taylor's church girlfriend). Taylor remembered very well, the moment Taylor first saw Omaha. Of course, it was a moment Taylor wish he could erase from his mind. On the front lawn, of the library, no less. She was all over that guy, golden brown and aloof.


She was blonde too. Taylor met her at church. Well, he'd known her since the beginning of time, he thought now.

Taylor sighed. Perhaps he knew a different girl, than Omaha did. He guessed Omaha knew her a lot better than he did.

"Can I help you?" He asked. After all, Taylor was right in front of the pizza counter.

Taylor guessed Omaha didn't know him. It was years ago. Taylor really wasn't holding on to a grudge about Emma, anyway.

"Um, I'll take a slice of the Meat Lover's." Taylor shrugged.

Omaha got it for him.

"So, how are you?" Taylor asked. "You, still with Emma?"

Omaha looked at him blankly.


"Evidently, not." Taylor let it go, at that and took the pizza.

"Was she a friend of yours?" Omaha wanted to know.

"I dunno." Taylor wished he hadn't brought her up. All he could see in his head was Emma all over Omaha on a warm spring afternoon, in the grass, that was definitely not a picnic.

Omaha nodded.

"Its been forever... since I've heard from her. I doubt I will." Omaha told him. "I heard she's at Michigan State, or something."


Well, Omaha knew more than he did.

Taylor snapped their relationship like a twig. Of course, he didn't think of it as a relationship with Emma. He'd been good to her. Going to all those church functions, doing good things. Really, they'd hardly kissed. But Emma kept sounding, as if she was serious about him. Maybe, it was just a purity thing, back then. Obviously, she hadn't been pure with that Native American from Sioux City.

There was no sense to hold grudges. Taylor mentioned to Omaha, he worked for a soda company. "Do you drive?" He wanted to know.

Omaha nodded. Said he finally had a car, after all this time. He'd been a roofer, knew flooring, too.

"You, might make some money." Taylor told him what he did. "I heard they're hiring, again."

Omaha smiled. He said he might apply.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It would be nice to see Taylor and Omaha form a friendship.