Thursday, March 10, 2016

Here We Are

Here WE Are

Daisy couldn't imagine why Sara was going to Chicago. Naturally, she acted like she didn't know she was their on the flight. Her ears stuffed up so. She wouldn't have been able to hear her, anyway. So why try.

Daisy met her ride at O'Hare, to get to the hotel. And there was Sara.

Daisy looked at her blankly. Again, she said nothing. Especially, when they ended up at the same destination.

"Well, I guess..this..isn't a coincident, after all." Sara smiled hanging on to her luggage she could wheel around. Daisy, on the other hand, carried a few things in a denim backpack.

Daisy stood there wide-eyed, until some person in a suit showed up, taking them to their suite.

Naturally, the man asked them if they knew each other. He gave them a packet with the company's logo.

"Yes," Sara was so pleasant. Daisy managed a slight bow. She couldn't even imagine why she did it. "We know each other."

Daisy couldn't believe this was happening. She was sharing a room with Sara.

She wanted to get on her phone and complain to Max, but there was no time, they were to go to a meet and greet.

Daisy felt herself slightly scowl. Naturally, Sara was all smiles.

"I'm starving," She looked at Daisy. "Aren't you?"

Daisy didn't think so, but her stomach said other wise.

Sara looped her arm around Daisy's. They were doing this together.

one step at a time

"What's wrong?" Sara asked a few minutes later after putting a HELLO tag on Daisy.

"Nobody..said..." She was so stiff. "I didn't know about this."

Sara wore a pale suit with nice pumps. She looked at Daisy's outfit. It was something much more casual. Everyone was dressed as if they were ready for the new spring line. Of course, they were wearing company clothes.

"Its OK, don't worry about it." Sara assured her. They got in line to get lunch, which was salmon in a salad.

Daisy looked at the plate as if it were vile. The next thing Sara knew, Daisy up and ran to the restroom.

Sara went ahead and ate a few bites, but soon realized she should check on her.

Of course, Daisy was a sore sight. Sara helped her back to their room.

"You, should rest." She got out the snacks from her suitcase which was full of breakfast drinks and protien bars. "See if you can manage this. I'll take notes. I'll let you know, everything you missed."

Daisy only nodded.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Daisy's okay. :/


Launna said...

I wonder what is going on with Daisy...