Thursday, March 3, 2016

can we talk

can we talk

Suzanne tried her best to tell Daniel over the phone, that she didn't want to see him again, but somehow he talked her into going out to dinner. Naturally, he wanted to go to the upscale sushi place.

It was going to be a long evening. Boring. And she'd never liked sushi. It didn't help any, when she ordered the chicken chow mein. The waiter looked at her as if she was really weird.

"Why do you do this to me?" He wanted to know.

"What am I doing to you?" She looked at him blankly. She'd ordered water. Push come to shove, she could pay her own way. She didn't want help from him, anymore.

"I thought...we'd be married by now." He looked at her as if she had it all wrong. "I can take care of you. We.." He sighed. "We could travel."

She scrunched a face, realizing she would be going to London with Roman. Still, it didn't have to be London. She could very well be happy with him, anywhere.

"But..but we'd go to all the places you'd tell me I'd have to see, and I would need to know." His lists drove her crazy.

He looked at her a bit puzzled. Daniel pressed his lips tight.

"I don't need you, anymore." She sighed. But it felt wrong to say it. She'd really never needed him for anything. "I'm not sure I can be your friend."

"Friend?" Now he was seriously objecting her observation. "I was never your ..."

She knew they both had different ideas of friendships and relationships.

"See, I knew it would never work out." She was straight lipped. "I don't want a stifled life."

what's wrong with that

Maybe the timing was all wrong. Kara was flunking out of the University. After all, it was just the basics. She knew she was never meant for the Uni. After all, it happened time and time again.

She'd never focused on academics. Not like her brother Daniel, practically a professor now. Although, he should have been in law school. So maybe he wasn't any better.

But he loved working on a good paper. He pained many a professor with his words. Evidently, he intended on being a student for life. After all, he should have married her best friend, Suzanne, by now.

Oh, he could talk to talk. Perhaps a romantic at heart. Still, he was no provider.

Yet, had she done any better? Finding someone like Gun? Yes, he was suppose to be in business now, but she might not like him, if he were.

She knew her mother thought she was slumming. When was she going to grow up?

She smiled to herself, maybe never. And with Daisy moving out, perhaps she could move in.

"But they're not breaking up." Gun wasn't so sure she understood.

"I know, but I could be here to help take care of the baby." She smiled with a shrug as she brought more of her things to the basement where Gun still had a bed. It was barely big enough for the two of them.

"Do you even know her name?" Gun was serious.

Kara laughed. Well, of course she didn't.

Gun rolled his eyes. "I dunno. This could really be a bad idea."

"Come on." She pouted, then she squeezed him tight. "You, have too."

Gun only sighed and let her kiss him. It was true. He was easy to love, even if she didn't know what to do about that domestic stuff. She'd never washed a dish in her life. At least, he could cook.

Her lashes fluttered. Those little things didn't matter. This was what she wanted.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Kara would be more confident in herself when it came to academics.