Wednesday, March 2, 2016

oh those little matters

Those little matters

Taylor started telling Ben about Sara's new adventure.

"'re just gonna let her that!" Ben snapped his fingers. He didn't like hearing all this sad stuff.

"Its good news." Taylor smiled. "She'll be making more money. Its pretty impressive, actually." Taylor went on to make toast and got out the cream cheese for the raisin bread.

Ben winced. He didn't really need to eat this, but he couldn't say NO, either.

"Man, that sucks..I mean, you're here and she'll be there." Ben sighed. Although, he was thinking of Mae. Thinking if she had that chance. He knew he wouldn't see her, again. Why couldn't he trust her?

"Its only for a couple of months. I'll go see her." Taylor promised.

"Yeah, I know you will, but its know, hard on a relationship." Ben knew he had no business talking about relationships. He could barely show Mae that he loved her, at times.

"Well, its one of those things people don't talk, much about. I guess its a part of life. You know, going to great lengths to still be together." Taylor shrugged and bit into the raisin toast.

Ben nodded and ate a bite. He hated to let himself get depressed. He knew there was a lot to be thankful far. He was glad for Caden, and he was happy to be with Mae, but somehow, he just wished he could do more.

"What was it, you wanted to tell me?" Taylor winced.

"Its nothing." Ben decided the only person who needed to really know about any of this was Mae.

into the future

Max thought he might break his back, Here he went lifting another book shelf to put away. At least, Gun was around to help.

Daisy was afraid Mandy might get hurt. They needed to seriously baby proof the house more. Suddenly, everything looked dangerous to her. He'd already mounted the flat screen on the wall.

"You, make me feel, I don't watch her at all." He winced, but he knew they might argue, and he didn't want that, in those final hours before she left.

She was suddenly her meek self, but she held on to Mandy as if she needed to hold her as long as she could. But he sensed her arms ached. She looked as if she was exhausted.

"You're not coming down with something, are you?" He stared out of concern, taking a break from the lifting.

Luckily, Gun could use the book shelf at the boarding house, but sometimes, he was here. He thought Kara might live in the basement, as much as they were over here.

"I'm fine. I'm completely fine." She told him how she was eating well and taking vitamins.

Max shrugged, then looked over at Gun. "Why don't we just move this to the basement." He had a feeling Gun was already moved back in to this place. Evidently, those two couldn't find a place to call home at the boarding house. Or was it, Kara didn't want her parents to know she was seeing Gun?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

You can never be too careful when baby-proofing.


Launna said...

It is such a crazy thing when you have little ones, you are sure you have baby proofed and then you see or find something you never would have thought of... ...