Tuesday, March 1, 2016

must we tell

must we tell

Taylor thought of the moment of holding Sara in the kitchen. It seemed so long ago, but they'd stayed in that embrace for a good long while. She was crying.

He had to cheer her up, about going to Chicago, all over again. Now even his neck ached. She wasn't here right now, but at her parents.

He didn't go. He thought he should clean the kitchen, but he hadn't done exactly anything yet.

And then came a knock on the door. It was Ben.

"So, you haven't been coming around much, lately." Taylor smiled. Ben didn't even have Caden with him.

"Oh, I dunno. Work. That kind of thing." He shrugged, but Taylor didn't quite buy it.

"You, come over here, to get away with from work." He poured him some coffee. "I don't even know how your Valentines Day went?"

"Oh, you know." He studied the smiley face coffee cup, but he wasn't smiling.

"What is it?"

"I dunno." He winced.

"You and Mae, OK?" Taylor looked at him, but Ben remained stilted.

"What happened this time?" Taylor set down and stared at his friend, as if he'd will it out of him.

"I guess ..we're doing everything ..we're suppose to be doing." He winced.

"OK." Taylor wondered if they were talking about sex. Honestly, he did not want to know. It was true..he would never be a sex therapist.

Ben began to fidget. "See, I have..this secret..I can't..I can't keep it." He rubbed his forehead, as if he was the worst.

"Did Mae tell you to..to keep a secret?" Taylor winced back.

Ben, shook his head, no. "Its my mom and dad." He looked so unhappy. Taylor didn't think he could look so distressed.

Taylor sighed.

 "Well, maybe you better not tell me. Maybe you should..just forget it." Taylor shrugged and looked in the fridge for some snacks. Maybe there was pie, somewhere, or raisin bread. It would have to be raisin bread. He shut the fridge door and went to toast them some.

"But I have too. I have to tell someone." Ben sighed.

Taylor nodded. He wasn't all that much on keeping secrets, either.


Launna said...

I think if Ben wants to keep it a secret he better not tel Ben...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Some secrets are best kept just that - or forgotten altogether. :/