Saturday, March 26, 2016

its in the stars

its in the stars

Omaha got the call while he was at work. Seriously, he didn't think they'd call.

It felt like it was all wrong, the day at the interview. He was tied down with the buttoned up shirt and snap on tie. Honestly, he felt too white collar, to sit in long.

Yes, he'd been in a panic. Butterflies in the stomach, or just gas. He honestly, thought he might lose it when they mentioned the word TEST.

Taylor hadn't said a word about a test.

God, what if..if..if he went to the wrong company..No, he was at the right place, BUT STILL. A test! On the keyboard.

Well, of course, he thought of only one person. Carmen.

He could still hear her voice now. Guiding him through the test. Her "You can do this..." lingered long afterwards.

A part of him wanted to tear up and have a good cry, but he knew he couldn't do that at an interview. He would just manage, somehow. And he did.

It was all a blur now.

He was certain it was only a courtesy call. He'd somehow, have to thank Taylor..for at least trying.

Because, who would be looking at him, when he got that call? Taylor.

"So did you get it?" Taylor was all smiles, even if he was with his clipboard and company gear on.

All Omaha could do was to stare into space for a moment. He thought he might be sick.

"What happened?" Taylor glared, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah." Omaha sighed. "I got it." His voice was distant. "Except, not.." He winced, unsure he could even say it. "Um," He pressed his lips tight. "They want me head quarters." He bit his bottom lip. "They..think I have great secretary skills." He winced hard. He looked at Taylor as if he wanted to get out of it, but how could he? Especially, when it was fulltime, weekends off. Of course, the benefits were amazing.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an awesome opportunity for Omaha!


Sara-h Jane said...

I hope he manages okay :)

Launna said...

I hope Omaha can take the chance, he never knows ...