Thursday, March 24, 2016

just for the moment

Just for the Moment

It was late, and all was quiet.

Tiffany was at her mother's, again. Brick had his own room here. She didn't.

"If you'd been nicer to your sister, you could be at her place right now." Her mother told her, with the look that she'd never grow up. "You're almost 30 years old. You have to stop this, crap."

Tiffany lifted the creamed coffee to her lips. She highly doubted Brittany would ever invite her to stay. Tiffany almost sighed with a laugh. Her mother would never grow up, but she didn't want to get into, with her.

"I'm sorry. I just think Brit's crazy, OK. Always has been." Tiffany put down the cup that she barely sipped.

"Because, she's nice. Is that it?" Her mother took the coffee as if the kitchen was closed, and she better move on.

"You always say, she's so much like you. What, happened to you, Mom?" Tiffany snapped.

"Don't you start." Her mother wouldn't have any more talk. It was after midnight.

Tiffany pressed her lips tight and told her about seeing an old classmate.

"He's a school teacher."

Her mother made a face as if that was a lost cause. Soon enough, her mother told her she needed someone with stability. Not a school teacher.

"I know, but..but it might be nice." Even though, she was afraid he'd gotten her confused with someone else. She couldn't imagine who.

"Did I ever give anyone candy for Valentines day?" She couldn't remember.

"Not that I know of. We barely had money for those Dollar Store kiddie Valentine cards, back then." Her mother reminded her about living in the trailer house from hell.

Tiffany barked back, there had been too many of them in the two bedroom home. Didn't her mother remember!

"Well, I'm thinking about seeing him. We have a date." Tiffany got up and found her car keys.

It would be icy out, but she'd drive to the little motel, where the building was brick and cheap, but it was her place, for the time being.

"I'll be back in the morning to take Brick to school." She knew the rules. Her mother would let Brick stay in her room, but not Tiffany.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Tiffany.


Launna said...

What a mother... wow.. I hope Tiffany enjoys her date