Wednesday, March 23, 2016

if it isn't this

if it isn't this

Omaha practically didn't have an appetite. No way, did he even want to wear the suit that Charlie brought him, Evidently, Charlie was seeing someone tall. Still, the suit seemed a little tight. He couldn't even imagine getting through the interview.

He listened to Taylor drone on, about it. He winced hard. He had to stop listening.

"Look..." Omaha pressed his lips tight, wondering what he should actually say. "that..that girl you mentioned..that you knew..." Why did he bring Emma up? They were out to dinner. This wasn't a conversation he should have now with Taylor, but he needed too. "I mean, I knew it would never last..but..but..I had to see..what it would be know her." He felt kind of bad about it now. Just like the thought of working for a company, who didn't want him. Especially, if they knew his history. Especially, his father. He still wondered if the FBI was still investigating him, after all these years.

"What are you trying to say?" Taylor looked at him.

Omaha looked at the fries with the ketchup. Immediately, he thought of blood..and his father. He sighed.

"I dunno. Maybe..maybe I shouldn't even go in for that interview. I mean, I'm happy at the grocery store." Omaha shrugged.

"But..but you'd make twice as much money."

Omaha, wasn't sure if he were capable. He nursed his dry bottom lip. He sighed heavily.

"Sometimes.." He thought he might wince tears, he didn't want too. "I gotta wonder life would have been different if..if this one girl..was still around."

"Emma?" Taylor asked.

"No." He just said. "Her name was Carmen." He cleared his throat. "We were close. You know, my best friend. I mean..maybe that was all it was meant to be." He wished he hadn't found Tiffany. Now, her little sister was on his mind. He knew he needed to clear his mind. "But..but I miss her. And..and I know..if..if she was here, she'd tell me to go for it." He tried to smile. He needed to at least do this for Carmen.


Launna said...

Awe, I hope he does it for himself... and somewhere along the line I hope he either works it out with Carmen or has some closure ...

Sara-h Jane said...

He has so much on his mind! :(

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad that Omaha is confiding in someone.