Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So what do you say

so what do you say?

It was the least Taylor could do. Take Omaha out to dinner. Although, Omaha hadn't had the interview yet, with the company that Taylor worked for.

They settled at a back booth at Daisy's, but she wasn't there. Taylor remembered how friendly she was, the last time he was here.

"Where's Daisy?" Taylor asked the dark haired fellow who brought them water and got out his pad to take their order.

"She.." He sighed, "She'll be in Chicago for the next couple of months."

Taylor smiled with a light laugh. "My girlfriend is in Chicago, too. Some kind of promotion."

"Internship." The waiter nodded.

"That's just..." Well, Taylor knew he should stop there. He didn't mean to bore anyone. Lately, he could go for hours on end, without speaking to anyone. "Great." Taylor asked Omaha to order first. All Omaha wanted was a burger and fries.

"Lets order steak." Taylor was hungry. He'd long lost what he was suppose to do on Lent. For all he knew, maybe it was over.

"Not until I get the job." Omaha was serious.

"Guess, we'll go for burgers, then." Taylor shrugged, as he looked the waiter over. Finally, it donned on him, who the waiter was. He'd seen some snapshots of him, in a shoe box of pictures of Sara's. "Wait?"

"Anything else?" The waiter was definitely on task.

"You're, Max, aren't you?"


"I'm Sara's fiance." He took the opportunity to tell him.

"Oh." He sounded as if something was stuck in his throat.

"It would be kind of funny if Sara saw Daisy in Chicago." Taylor chuckled, but he could see Max didn't find the humor in it.

the wild wild life

"Yes, she's here." Daisy barely spoke above a whisper to Max, who was on her Android.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Max wanted to know.

Daisy was in a struggle to keep up. This mixer had nothing to do with drinks. It was just another sales meeting about Summer Trends in fashion. She wanted to love this stuff, but it was just so technical. Why did she have to know all the new names of summer colors?

"I haven't had time. We, are in the same room." She finally confessed.

"What?" She could tell Max was sour on the idea of her being with his ex. It was as if he was afraid Sara might hurt her.

"She's been really..the best." Daisy knew Sara had put up with a lot. Daisy wanted to stay in and eat in bed, but Sara pulled Daisy along to see all the sights of Chicago.

Still, Daisy was in a state of exhaustion. She kept asking herself WHY..but she was afraid she knew the answer to that.

She'd bought herself a home pregnancy test. It was waiting for her, back at the room. Honestly, she wasn't looking forward to finding out the results.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's interesting to see Sara and Daisy bonding.


Launna said...

Daisy needs to find out for sure... the not knowing is the worst ...