Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

If his mother only knew what Irwin was doing right now, she would have smacked him on the back of the head and yelled, "Live Well!" or in American terms..YOU could have had a V8.

But he was standing in front of the deli, practically yawning from a long day at school. He was in no hurry to get to an apartment that barely held all his books. Truly, he had to wonder just how smart he actually was. Only a fool would be caught up in middle school drama. And he didn't have the voice of a dragon to keep the peace in the classroom.

He had a feeling he would not last long in the school system. He should have taken that job at the learning center.

Yes, he was lost. He'd even lost his list of what he really needed at home. But the young woman behind the counter was waiting for him to pick what he wanted.

He winced at the salad once more, but then he looked her straight in the eye.

Oh...those intense dark eyes. Where did he know her from?

He order the broccoli salad with the exotic Ramen salad. He watched her put the salads in the individual plastic containers. Of course, he'd have to recycle the containers. He wanted to tell her she could toss them together, but it was too late.

When she handed the containers to him, he knew exactly who she was. Irwin smiled ever so sweetly.

"We used to go to school together." He couldn't remember her name. Finally, he'd found an old classmate. "What's your name, again?"

She was being colder than he expected. She pointed to the tag, that he'd somehow missed.

"You, gave me all that candy for Valentines day." He sighed. Oh, he should have remembered her name. Why didn't he? Why hadn't he thanked her then?

She almost pressed a smile.

"What have you been up too?" He wanted to know, thinking this might be his only chance to talk to a real grownup.

"Oh, you know..." She was vague.

"Tiffany." He said her name. Then Irwin told her his, thinking she had forgotten.

"Right." Her smile was a bit tired. Perhaps, she didn't really have anything to smile about. "I'm fine." She finally managed.

Of course, he didn't believe that.

"So..are you married?" He wished he hadn't said it, but it was too late.

"Oh, no." She smiled as if she was glad about something. "But..but I have son."

"That's great." His smile was open. She went on to say he was eight.

"Wow, time goes by fast, doesn't it?" He sighed, thinking he was running out of things to say. How could he possibly ask her out? He'd never asked a girl out. Maybe he didn't have the courage to do it..but what if...

"We should get together, sometime." Her words woke him up to the idea that it could really happen.

"When?" He wanted to know.

"Um, are you doing anything Sunday afternoon?" She was asking the question he'd thought about asking.

"How about a matinee?" He could get the tickets early. He asked for her phone number.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope things work out between the two of them. Tiffany needs some stability in her life.


Launna said...

This is sweet, I hope it works out for the two of them ...