Sunday, March 20, 2016

Just with friends

Xander wanted to like Ducky's friends. Except, he didn't like to play poker.

It was the most boring game in the world. Besides, he wasn't a gambling man.

They were over at Ruben and Dorian's. Thankfully, there was Abel to entertain him.

Somehow, Xander didn't quite feel so grownup.

A part of him, wondered if the game could go on all night, but it was over by 10 p.m.

Xander was relieved.

Of course, he didn't know who was Ruben nor Dorian, for that matter. Thankfully, Abel got out the wedding album and explained everything to him.

"So are you going to marry Ducky?" Abel wanted to know.

Xander felt a slight itch on the side of his head. No one had ever asked him such a question.

Xander just smiled and put the book away.

"So your dads do a lot.." He didn't know how to say it. Suddenly, he felt he'd been thrown into a fraternity, that he didn't quite know the rules too. "Uh.." He over heard them talk about going to a street event about Gay Awareness in the community. Something about feeling safe in your community. "I dunno, you know community stuff." He winced. He'd never thought about being a part of something like that.

"Not so much in the winter. But yeah, we go to some neighborhood party or parade. I guess." Abel nodded. "We go to the art museum every Saturday morning." He smiled. He didn't seem worried at all about any of these activities taking up too much of his time.

"Cool." Xander nodded. He didn't even know where the art museum was.

"You, should come sometime." Abel grinned. "You know, you could come with us. Dads wouldn't mind at all."

Xander sighed, he knew there was nothing to be scared about.


Launna said...

I think Xander and Ducky should take it slow. .. there's no need to rush...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think it's good for Xander to explore the community a bit.