Saturday, March 19, 2016

thinking it over

"Well, I bet he remembers, you." Ben said, trying to smooth the whole Irwin thing out, before they went to bed. Mae was in such a funk, after meeting her old high school mate. Ben ended up making dinner, which was Mac n' Cheese along with pigs in a blanket. Probably, not the most nutritious meal for Caden. Ben gave him a protein shake before bed. All the while, Mae was going through old year books, looking at the many glasses Irwin wore through high school. Irwin didn't wear them now.

"NO. He doesn't!" Mae was being ever so testy. "I gave him a box of Valentines candy, every Valentines day!"

"Did you even put your name on it?" He wondered out loud.

"Yes! Of course, I did." She moisturized her pale legs and arms, then went to check Ben's back for blackheads.

Ben squirmed and winced at her torture. He was sure she did these things to get out her frustrations on life. He was certain. She would have never done these sort of vile things to Irwin.

"He was my first crush." She told him as she found another black head to pop. Before he knew it, she was looking his face over. Luckily, she didn't find one that need her care.

Ben tried not to breathe too hard on her. However, Mae was one to invade his space when she felt like it.

"First crush." Ben said, like an after thought.

"He's the one..who..I dunno. He was perfect. Smart. So sexy." She confessed. "He's the one who made me fall in love with Asian boys."

Ben thought he might cough on her with laughter. Although, he knew she was very serious. He doubted he was on the bottom of her list. Always had been.

"So..if..if you could go out with would?" He wanted to know.

"I dunno." She winced as if he was asking the impossible. "He doesn't even know me. You, heard him."

Ben nodded. He knew it hurt.

It was her turn now. Just a back rub. He didn't inspect her like a mother baboon would. He let her hair down from the thick ponytail on the top of her head. Sometimes, he wondered if she wore her hair down more, she would be more calm.

Instantly, she was at his fingertips in a lull when he pushed his fingers through her hair, and then he brushed her locks, softly.

He thought she might go to sleep. He could hear her breathing change. She was much more relaxed.

Of course, he wondered when they were in bed together, if she was thinking of Irwin.

She did like her daily dose of fussing. Ben had to admit, he kind of liked it. He expected it.

Could she let herself be herself with her first crush? He thought about it, as they laid in bed, and she snuggled close to him.

Ben smiled. He was glad she could be herself around him.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ben's a sweet guy!


Launna said...

Ben deserves someone that only wants to be with him...