Saturday, April 9, 2016

Everybody wants some

everybody wants some

This was all so ridiculously crazy! To Sky. And Sam was buying right in to it, at the concert.

Sky shook his head. He could barely hear himself think in the thick of the music and the crowd. What had Callum Cade done to himself?

Sky slightly winced as he watched Sam, in step with every beat, all giddy and...well..just ridiculous, he might add. He sighed. What were these people on? He looked up at June.

Poor June..not a soul cared that she'd won a contest or two, and had her own fashion line of clothing. Not, this bunch, waited with baited breath to see Callum's next move.

Sky couldn't believe he'd even known that guy now.

Callum had chosen one girl to dance with, while his army practically beat back the others who wanted to be on stage too.

Sky couldn't help but stare. What would it be like to actually work with Callum Cade, again? He couldn't even phantom it.

so far away

Will was in total shock. What was this? He'd tried his best to be by Gabby's side during this fiasco., but they were pushed into strangers, then like a wave, they fell back, and again it happened. He'd just about gotten used to it..then comes this gentle hand to take her away from him.

Will was horrified. That guy had his date. His girlfriend. His Gabby.

Will pressed his lips tight. He hoped Gabby would come back to him when the song ended, but what if she didn't?

where do we go from here

Randy didn't mean to scowl. But how did Gabby KNOW Callum Cade? He didn't get it. Not her. Anybody, but her. She was with Callum Cade. He didn't mean to be in a huff, but he was.

"What's the matter?" Even up in the balcony, Randy could barely hear Cho's words.

Randy only rolled his eyes. He had his own friends now. And he'd stick with them, Forget about his time with Gabby. After all, she looked really happy with that indie pop star. He didn't even care what was on Will's mind. He didn't care if he even looked Bree's way. She was just so damn happy.

It was making him sick. That's when he decided..this was the time to make out with Ivy.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Randy wouldn't be so sulky.


Launna said...

Randy shouldn't use Ivy because he's angry...