Friday, April 8, 2016

Feel the beat

just so you know

Ivy didn't have fits often, but lately..she hated going to an ALL GIRLS Catholic school. Yes, she was far from the maddening crowd, but she didn't like being cut off, from everything.

So she was suppose to have just girlfriends. And wasn't she suppose to get into Browne?

She didn't feel she was ready. So much pressure. Seriously, she wasn't that special.

And then prom. Duh..why were they having Prom at a boys prep school. Yes, she was to be selected by some boy she didn't know to go to this ancient ritual.

It was her brother Cho, who got all the fun. Then to find out he had a best friend. Well, that annoyed her even more. This was just not fair.

But it was Cho to the rescue. Maybe she could bring her own date. There was nothing to say she couldn't. she was. Just a group activity to get to know him better. Ivy didn't know anyone.

"Are you going on my date to prom!" She'd snapped at her little brother, barely and hour ago.

"No." Naturally, Cho looked as wounded and beaten as he ever did. After all, she was the smart one, he was the depressed this family.

She didn't want him here tonight. How could she ever be herself with her little brother, around?

don't make me wait

Bree was all smiles. Especially, when they found Angie and her boyfriend along with some other people she knew from school. It almost felt as if it might be a school activity. But there were a lot of people. Young and old.

She winced, there was Samantha from the library with her boyfriend. What were they doing here?

Oh, it didn't matter, Bree was lost in the thrill of ii, and Connor was holding on to her from behind. For the first time, she was glad he was here and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Except, she searched for Randy. Where did he go? No, this would not be the night, they could talk, not even in the concessions line.

Hopefully, he would have a terrible time with that date of his. Bree decided she didn't like this Ivy, at all. She was certain she was a brat. After all, Bree had her best friend Gabby, along with Will. She didn't want there to be anymore of a crowd, around her.

She laughed at something Gabby said, even if she couldn't hear her. Seriously, Bree thought she could give them all up..just for Randy, but not tonight.

where do you go from here

Callum knew he shouldn't be shocked to see the crowd. But these were fans from his hometown. He had wondered if they'd remembered him. The roar of the crowd got him instantly intoxicated. Of course, he wanted to do his best. Only, he tended to play for the crowd, instead of doing what he was told.

So of course, he went into an extra twenty minutes solo on the keyboard without his partner, June knowing. She looked at him as if he'd lost. But he only smiled, and played more in his madness to his masses, as if this was unstoppable.

Finally, she bonked him on the head with a drumstick. The crowd roared more. And he went back to his intense number. It wasn't like she was having to sing at the moment. Didn't she know? He was trying to save her throat. She had a nasty cold. She was not used to all the dust and pollen in this area. After all, she was probably much more delicate than he was. Even if she insisted she was so tough. He knew better.

After awhile, he let her start in on her next number, which sounded kind of giddy yet dark and ghostly, too.

Callum strapped on the electric guitar and played along with her words, as if he would be a good boy..maybe.

He looked up to see Sky. Oh, how he wished he was on stage with them. He'd keep this act from going too crazy. Callum started to laugh. June was deep into song, about how no one understood what she was going through in this world.

Naturally, Callum got the crowd going when he stripped off his shirt. June was not amused. She looked at him, as if he should act his age. She went back to her mournful melody.

And then he saw HER. Was it who he thought it was? Well, of course, he picked her out of the crowd below and pulled her on stage. It made the crowd ecstatic!

only you

Gabby didn't know what to think, or do. She was all smiles, and Callum's eyes were on her. She was thrilled and did her best to follow in this wild tango across the stage. He twirled her around as if she was a pop princess.

Gabby thought she might be dreaming. She couldn't believe Callum would actually remember her, after all this time. But this moment was one she'd been waiting all her life for. Only, she didn't know it until now.


Launna said...

Awe, that is cute about Gabby and Callum ... I hope people give Ivy a chance

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gabby and Callum are adorbs together!