Thursday, April 7, 2016

Here we go

Here WE go

Randy looked at everyone as if, he was cool with it, being the last to get into the minivan. And he didn't care what they thought of Ivy.

Sure, she didn't talk much. Actually, it was a shock that she said she'd go. He had no idea why. He bet she hadn't said three words to him yet. How was this happening? But he was going along with it. No way, would he be there alone. But then there was Cho, who was like some sort of translator for Ivy.

Randy just sighed, as they squeezed in the back. He was far from Bree, and actually, Ivy a fruit passion something. Yeah, he might actually be taken with her, if she wasn't so stuck up.

Soon enough, they were waiting to get in to the show. They were loaded down with cans of food. Cho even brought a bag of rice.

"Sure, you don't want me to hold that?" Randy took the bag from him. He would just talk to him, not the others. Then Cho said something to Ivy in their own language. Randy knew she was suppose to be a genius of some kind, but here she looked like a frightened bunny with no place to hide. He decided to hold her hand, and she let him.

It was a relief to unload the food. Music was already playing, even if a band wasn't on stage.

It was hard core Rammstein. Randy smiled. Now that was his kind of music. It didn't take him long to get into the music. Ivy looked at him as if he were on drugs. He only smirked back.

Naturally, Bree and Gabby wanted to stay on the floor. Randy pointed to the balcony. He could not see Ivy nor Cho lasting in the mosh pit. Still, Ivy looked as if he were asking her to take her clothes off or something.

"Its OK, you'll like it there. The seats are cushy." He told her as he lead the way.

"When's the last concert you've been too, here?" Her question was nice and he grinned back.

"Well, I sneaked in, last year about this time. They don't have too many concerts here in the dead of winter. They don't like to pay for that much electricity. Still, it can get awful sweaty in here, but we can actually see the band. You, might get trampled down there."

"Really?" Her eyes were so serious.

Randy couldn't keep from chuckling.

"Probably..not..its not that intense here." He shrugged.

Cho set on one side of him and Ivy on the other.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Talk about awkward situations.


Launna said...

I think it's kind of cute he is looking out for Ivy ...