Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To the concert

to the concert

"I dunno if I know all the differences in these proms?" Will was confused. Was he thinking behind or too far ahead? Prom was coming, but here they all were, packed in Clare's mini-fan, off to this concert. "I mean, there's Junior prom. Senior prom. Anti-prom..."

"Its just prom, OK?" Gabby looked at him as if he really were an idiot.

"Yeah," Bree agreed. "Its just prom."

Will nodded. Still not sure where it was, how they'd get there nor the cost. Evidently, it would be a lot like this event tonight. They'd all pack in, Clare would drive them, drop them off, then pick them up. It wouldn't be special at all, would it?

At last minute, Randy showed up with an Asian girl, who looked at them wide eyed as if maybe she'd been kidnapped. Her brother Cho, tagged along too.

It wasn't long until they arrived at the old gym on the south side of town.

"Now, remember..behave yourself." Clare gave them the eye, as if she'd be watching them, even if she were at home. "Will's Dad will be waiting for you, when the show is over. Don't leave the building." She warned.

Will looked at Gabby, hoping she was listening. He didn't really want to go looking for her.

Actually, it had been strange lately, on their quiet street. Some couple were renting a little house, not far from there's. And the guy seemed OK enough, but the cops had been by there house, at least two times in the past week.

Suddenly, Will thought of everything being so bleak. He looked to Randy, who's date was practically in his lap. What if Randy had no intentions of actually being with her? Maybe it was Gabby who he wanted?

Will took Gabby's hand, but she didn't want it. Will, was beginning to feel, they were really over, and nothing had happened yet.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

There's so much awkwardness between Will and Gabby. :/


Launna said...

Awe... I hope Gabby will give Will a chance ...