Wednesday, April 27, 2016

if that's not enough

if that's not enough

Jin didn't know it would be so different without his little brother. Jung, in his life. Actually, it was such a relief to see him go, but then his friends came to cheer him up.

Of course, he asked himself...What friends?

There was Chad who he had plenty of classes with, but Jin always came up with an excuse not to go out with. There was Abby who worked around the corner at the drug store.

Honestly, he couldn't say it was a relationship. But he did speak to her daily when he stopped by for an energy drink or maybe an ice cream when his day was really rotten. She made him laugh, even if she told him was stoic. She said a lot of things. Usually, he let it go in one ear and out the other.

Now it was just a phrase, he wished he'd taken more seriously.

Because, suddenly, the three of them met up at the laundry mat.

It was quite silly at first.

He had a feeling Chad was going to hook up with Abby. They got in a spat.
She informed Jin that she couldn't stand Chad.

"What?" With a blink of an eye, if felt like a brink of war.

Next thing he knew, Chad had his arm resting under Jin's chin. "He's my best friend."

He was certain...if Jung had been here, none of this would be happening. After all, he was usually busy telling Jung, he was wasting his time. Jin had far more important things to do. But now, that was just an excuse.

This was real life. He winced with a wink at Abby. Just what was he suppose to do? He'd put friendships and romance on hold, all his life. But given a chance, really was a lonely life. He guessed he needed them, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Friends and romance and family truly do make life complete.


Launna said...

I hope he finds romance... even if it's hard, it can so worth it...