Tuesday, April 26, 2016

little woes

little woes

There were so many good things to be happy about. Jung was happy to see his mother. He was with Irma. A baby on the way. He wanted to say everything was complete, but in his heart, he knew it wasn't.

The grocery store was willing to find a place for Irma, part-time, but not him. It was a low blow, even if he wouldn't express it.

But what was he to do?

After all, Jung felt quite clumsy here. Still in shock that his mother would find a man like this Rowdy fellow to be with.

Yet, the old cowboy was easy going. Perhaps, a man about the house.

Of course, Rowdy was always fixing something, yard work, even the roof. Unlike his stoic father, back in Korea, who only knew life as a police detective.

It was all a little unnerving. What was Jung suppose to do?

There was no brother to quarrel with. He doubted Jin missed him. If only, he could be just as diligent.

He'd never been studious, like his brother.

His mother told him not to worry. "You'll, find something." In spite of his handicap of being deaf.

Irma was pleased he was around for all the cooking.  After all, she was tired from all the standing. She admitted she was never much of a cook.

Still...Jung felt lost. How could he be important to anyone, if he didn't have a job?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

My heart really goes out to Jung right now. I wish he realized his worth.


Launna said...

Awe poor Jung, I hope he finds a job soon ...