Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lets think about it

Let's think about it

Brittany didn't want to bring it up, but she'd seen Teddy's wife at the grocery store. Naturally, they didn't look each other in the eye, but Brittany watched her from a distance. It seemed Jada was buying food enough for two.

Brittany wondered if Jada had found somebody new. But she wouldn't ask. No, she went on, pushing the cart, with her heavy little man pointing at every fruit and vegetable he liked.

She wouldn't bring Carson into this. In fact, she knew she didn't need to know. But what if, after all this time..Teddy did want to see Theo, he just couldn't say it.

Yet, when did her world ever work that way?

No, it was best to forget it.

And then she heard Jada on the phone. It was a phone call of sweet nothings. And just when Brittany thought she heard Teddy's name, Jada looked over to see Theo. She suddenly scowled and walked away.

These were things she wanted to talk to her mother about, but NO.

Her mom was practically throwing things in the kitchen at Tiffany. The fight was that bad.

Brittany sighed. Thankful, that she didn't bring Theo, along. He certainly would have hated all the loud voices. Evidently, Carson did too. He opted to watch Theo.

"What is it this time!" She screamed as if she might be a violent cheerleader of some kind.

They stopped and looked at Brittany as if she was the crazy one.

"She doesn't trust me." Tiffany gritted.

"Why should I!" Their mother was a little bug-eyed. "This fool, wants to move in with anyone who looks at her twice."

Brittany crossed her arms and watched them both. She thought they were so much alike. "Well, I wonder where she gets it from?"

Tiffany was in a pout.

Brittany asked if anyone was hungry. It was going on 8 in the evening. She knew for a fact that Brick hadn't eaten. If she had the room, she'd take him. Although, Brittany didn't want to start trouble.

"You need to stop thinking about YOU, all the time. What about Brick?" Tiffany reminded him. She went to warm the dish in the microwave.

Of course, her mom looked as though Brittany was only talking about Tiffany, who hurried to get a plate ready for Brick with a glass of milk. She went straight to his room.

"Mom, you just make it worse. You, always have." Brittany informed her. She went to make toast. Her mom always liked her chili with toast.

"How? How can you say that?" Now she'd made her mother mad. Her mother was the sensitive sort, even if she said she wasn't.

"You've made mistakes." Brittany tilted her head and smoothed down her mother's dyed hair. "We all have. If..if you could just be ..more calm with her."

"I can't." Her mother's voice was frantic.

"You'll make yourself sick." Brittany felt awful sad to tell her this. And yet a sunny thought came to her. "What..what stay at our place for a couple of weeks, And..and Carson and Theo..and me, could stay here with Brick." She smiled with a sigh. "Let Tiffany do her thing, with this new guy."

Her mother shook her head, as if it were a crazy idea.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish she would stay with them for a bit - it would make everyone feel a little more at ease.


Launna said...

I think that people that need control need to learn to let go.. it is the only way to live..