Sunday, April 24, 2016

moving on

moving on

Irwin wasn't sure if he understood. Well, of course, he did. He could barely function with his grade book.

Tiffany took him on a tailspin. Sleeping with her was the last thing he ever had in mind. But evidently, that was how dating actually worked. He winced hard.

OK, he knew he'd taken forever to actually fall in love with anyone. He just didn't do things like that. Never did.

And then a matinee lead to making out, which later..meant a one night stand. He felt terribly dizzy about the whole ordeal.

But it did have his perks. He wasn't alone anymore.


Suddenly, she was certain, they'd have to get a bigger place. They would need a room for her son. A son, he had never met.

Just the thought made him feel faint. Irwin was beginning to sense, kids didn't like him.

It was moving so fast. And he had a job to do. Teaching. Unfortunately, he felt like an imbecile, as of late.

Oh, he was drowning, but there was Tiffany, to safe him.

just between us

"So have you met, anyone?" Tiffany wanted to know as she handed over the fried chicken meal to Omaha at the deli in the mega grocery store.

"Um, not really." Omaha was truly staying mute. Tiffany knew he was still upset, that she knew how he lived. Where he lived.

"Thanks know..watching Brick." She didn't charge him for the food. She owed him, at least, that much.

Omaha nodded as if it were no big deal.

"So." He winced, as if that was enough of a question.

"Oh, it'll work out. " She smiled. She had to believe it would. She was moving on with her life. Couldn't everyone else do the same? "I'm happy now." In fact, she felt as if she'd been on a roller-coaster of some kind.

Honestly, it felt like the natural course of things with Irwin. After all, he couldn't say no to her.

"You..aren't that place..forever, are you?" Tiffany wanted to know, if Omaha was really OK. Did he need help?

"Oh, well..I'm gonna find my own place." He made it sound... he was on it.

"You, deserve a nice place. A place, you can really call home." Tiffany smiled as if she believed he could. Maybe, she could believe enough, for the both of them.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It would be nice for Tiffany to finally find her happily ever after.


Launna said...

I hope Omaha knows he deserves something good... and so does Tiffany ...