Sunday, April 17, 2016

little twists and turns

easy peachy

Carson didn't know how to bring this up, but he'd met Teddy (little Theo's father) face to face at work. Thankfully, it was a good thing, not bad. He guessed. Teddy wasn't criminal, but in the detective unit.

"Did, you know about that?" He didn't think she did. She was helping Theo press some cookie dough in the shape of bunnies.

"What?" She looked at him, that he had to be mistaken.

"No, he must have gotten hired as soon as he got off the plane." Carson said he seemed pretty tight, even with the Chief of Police. Ted wasn't in the Army, anymore.

Brittany didn't say much.

"Are you, OK?" Carson wanted to know.

"Uh-huh." She nodded, letting Theo do his own thing with the cookie dough. He ate the dough as if he'd rather have a raw cookie than a cooked one.

Carson hugged Brittany. Funny, how she wasn't really upset about herself, but it was Theo. She was sure of it now, Theo would never know his biological father.

here it comes

"What happened this time?" Charlie wanted to know. Tiffany was late for work. "Are you OK?" Charlie knew Tiffany didn't like to be made over, but still she worried about her, being all alone. Brick really wasn't with her. He stayed at his grandmother's house.

"Of course, I'm all right." She was her solemn self.

"Does your car need a new tire?" Charlie got Barry to help with Tiffany's last car emergency. He lent her some money.

"The car is fine." Her voice was dull.

Charlie went to check on prepping chicken to be fried and some of the salad prep.

"I know, you can take care of yourself." Charlie didn't mean to pry. Maybe, Barry was right. She couldn't be everyone's best friend.

Tiffany went to get on her proper apron and hat.

"It was..OK..that..that you asked." She finally sighed as she went to grab a cup of coffee. She drank it black. "Um..I..I guess, I'm seeing someone."

"Oh?" Charlie turned, not sure if she should smile or not.

"Yeah, I'm going to move in with him." She announced as she gulped down her coffee.

"Already?" Charlie tried not to look too surprised.


Launna said...

I think Theo should meet his father sometime.....

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Tiffany isn't rushing into this too fast. :/