Monday, April 18, 2016

Shouldn't we talk about it

Shouldn't we talk about it

"Are we going to talk about this, or not?" Will wanted to know. Gabby had been rather closed mouth since the concert. Will felt like he was walking on egg shells around her. "How do you know this Callum Cade?"

"Oh, God." She gritted as if she'd just soon walk away from Will, than to look at him. She turned from him in the hallway at the school, but he grabbed her wrist.

She looked down at his hand. This was the first time he'd ever taking the initiative to do anything toward her. Gabby tried to stop herself from fretting. She pulled away.

"You'll think its bad." She turned away.

"What? I just..I'm not assuming the worst." He winced, like it might be a promise.

She eyed him, thinking he only said things she wanted to hear.

"I'm sure he doesn't remember me." Sure, they danced on stage that night, but it wasn't like she went home with him. He didn't even talk to her. It was nothing, she now thought, even if she was on video now. "I was too young then." Of course, Callum brought up memories of her real family, when she lived with her grandmother. It was like another world.

Will nodded. He took her hand. They would walk out of the school together.

"You were pretty cool." Will smiled. "I would have never got up the nerve to do that.  Never in a million years."

the thing is...

"Where did you and my sister go?" Cho wanted to know.

"What are you talking about?" Randy looked at Cho as if he'd had some sort of memory loss. They'd rode back in the mini-van together.  It was so last weekend, now. They were both in school. "We were right there, in the balcony."

Randy gave his friend a dead stare.

"You two went somewhere." Cho pressed for answers.

Randy held in a laugh, and slapped Cho on the back, as if to bring him back to reality. "You, must have been seeing things. It was you, who went off the concession stand. Not us."

"Yeah, and I brought back popcorn and drinks, and you two weren't there." Cho's eyes lit as if he was right and Randy was wrong.

so happily

Ivy was trying to decide if she would ever see Randy, again. Of course, she wanted too. Still, he was being so silent. So cold.

He made her so mad. But why did she like him so much?

Yes, they kissed.

Naturally, the first kiss in the balcony was just sooo..wrong. But breathless. It was true, she didn't know what to do, but to just look at him.

Never in a million years, did she think she'd find someone like Randy. It was really..different, from her ordinary life of books, pencils, and many papers.

She nursed her bottom lip now. She wanted to forget about him, but how could she? Yes, it was a new dance she wanted to learn so badly. And it was even more amazing that it would happen on the roof top of the old gym. Even in the last chill of winter, it was brilliant.

Did she laugh? Oh, she hoped she didn't. She didn't remember that little bit. No, she remembered holding on to the weight of him, leaning in, letting his hands, lips..take her another world, she knew nothing of, yet..couldn't wait to learn more.

She took a deep sigh. Knowing, she needed to dive into another report, another note to recite and memorize. But it wouldn't be easy, when all she could think of was how he looked at happily.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Ivy gets her happily ever after.


Launna said...

Ivy certainly has a thing for Randy... I hope he feels the same ...