Saturday, April 2, 2016

nothing to be randy about

Nothing to be randy about

Randy was trying to do better.

Still, he wasn't sure a long talk with Gage, actually helped that much. But Gage laid down the law about teen sex and how he better watch it.

"Do you want to be on some pervs list, on a cop website?" He said that would be worse than being a teenage dad. "You better hope and pray, nothing with you and Bree happened."

Of course, Randy lied about that. He looked at his time with Bree, as just a one off. But he knew now, he better not take that road, again.

And he was actually going to school. Cho was pretty good with taking notes, and he'd explained a lot to him in math. No sense, in hindering Cho's education. After all, Randy was sure he'd learned a thing or two from his only friend at school.

Yeah, these days, he didn't even turn his head when Bree walked by.

There was work at the grocery store to keep him dog tired. He hardly had time for a cigarette, lately. He'd even thought about getting an e-cigarette. Naturally, Clare showed him some videos to nix that idea, too.

But he loved a good cigarette. He had to smoke. He just couldn't give it up.

Then one day, out of nowhere, Cho lifted up Randy's Tee and slapped on some nicotine patches. Randy was certain, that Cho wanted more than his friendship. So he was extra nervous, when Cho asked him over for dinner, one night.

Randy almost said, first, but he was curious to find where his friend lived and what did they eat for dinner.

It was meatloaf. To Randy's surprise. But it was excellent. Even the rolls were homemade. Randy couldn't help to almost smile. Especially, to everyone's kindness.

And then Cho's sister showed up. Ivy.

She was not like the rest of the family. Ivy hated everything. She looked so tired. She'd skipped dinner to study with a friend from school. Ivy went to an all girl Catholic school. But it was more than religion to her. It was her life, evidently. Yes, it was a prep school, evidently.

"Why didn't you tell me, about her?" Randy felt a little hurt, that he wasn't prepared to be dissed by this arrogant Asian girl.

"What's there to tell?" Cho shrugged. They watched TV in the family room, "The less you know of her, the better." Cho told him that she would probably go to Harvard.

Randy wasn't remotely interested. He didn't want to be, but he couldn't help to want to see her, again. Oddly, he didn't feel crazy at all, when he was around her.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Randy just needs someone to provide a little balance in his life.


Launna said...

Randy shouldn't rush into anything... I don't think he knows what he wants...