Friday, April 1, 2016

no joke


Was this a joke?

Cal was the last person Sky ever thought he'd hear from, but he'd invited Sky and Sam out to one of his midnight shows in the new music district, north of the Old Market.

Yes, he was a hometown boy, but he'd spent the last few year in California, and some of that in Mexico. Or so he updated Sky about his whereabout.

Honestly, Sky wanted to laugh..because Cal was one of the shyest boys, he knew. And sometimes, his voice would tremble on stage. He was always second guessing himself.

It was his sister June who was the star. Usually, Cal played along on the keyboard, or where-ever he was needed, but since June moved to Vancouver, well..Cal was on his own. June so happened to be one of Sky's exes.

"You, haven't heard-" Cal started.

"I've been out of the loop for ages." Sky told him over the phone.

"Oh." Cal wondered if he could stay with him. He was doing this hunger benefit for a local pantry. He got a Goth singer to be the main attraction.

"We do shows together." Cal told him he was going by Callum Cade now. Still, that didn't mean a thing to Sky.

Cal wanted to see him though. "We could hang out, after the show." He hung up on Sky before he could say, no.


"What?" Samantha looked at Sky when he mentioned Callum Cade. "You know, him?"

She couldn't help but gasp a smile.

"Yeah." He didn't look hung up on the idea that he actually knew an indie celebrity.

"OH MY GOD!" She grabbed Sky's arm and pulled him down next to her on the couch. "How did you meet? How do you know him?"

"I know a lot of people in local bands." He shrugged as if it was no big deal. But then it was slowly sinking in with that wince of his. Perhaps Callum Cade was a big deal. "How..How do you know about him?"

Thankfully, they were home in their little apartment, as she squealed with fangirl delight.

"Oh, god..I dunno. I mean, I remember his ..his song about being this catholic drunk kid." She sighed, thinking of his unique lyrics. "He's amazing. And, you know him?"

She sighed. She had lost touch with his life, she'd followed in high school.

"This one time, somebody I went to high school with..said, he just made out with her, on stage. He was probably drunk. I heard he'd drink vodka, before he went on stage, because, his voice would be so shaky." Sam remembered.

"About that..maybe thats why I stopped doing gigs with him." Sky was in a pout. He didn't find anything exciting about Callum Cade.

"You, were in his band!" Samantha was in total shock. "And you never told me!"


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Samantha is seriously fan-girling!


Launna said...

Haha... Samantha is too funny...