Thursday, March 31, 2016

all you need is pizza

all you need is pizza!

Bree wasn't sure she liked the idea of new people in the house.

"Wow, and they get to be in Fish and Chan's room?" Will was full of questions. Naturally, he was curious to meet JoJo's son and girlfriend.

Bree rolled her eyes, at Will's enthusiasm. They were making their own pizza crust in the Kitchen-Aid. Gabby was over and of course, Connor was helping too.

Bree was trying to emerse herself, these days, in wholesome activities. As it was, it felt as if she was so close to slipping off the edge with Randy.

Yes, it had been a close call. Luckily, there was no shocking revelation... of baby news to effect her life. She was thankful, it was the strangers coming to live with them WHO had to worry about that problem.

But, she worried about Randy. She really did. Except, she couldn't share this burden with anyone. Not even Gabby.

It was really hard to come up with conversation. Needless to say, she thought they were all so boring. Yet, everyone was on board, about a pizza party. So she put on some top 40 playlist, and got everyone involved with the pizza crust process to shredding cheese.

She looked at Connor, it was as if he was taking out his anger on the cheese grader. She imagined he was still angry with her. But he never brought Randy up. He was a mute subject.

Honestly, Bree thought she might be going deaf. She wasn't sure if she could actually talk with Connor, anymore.

Bree sighed. She knew she'd have to listen to him, some time. She'd have to be happy that Jung and Irma were moving in, too. Still, she wasn't so happy to find out that Rowdy would be living with JoJo. Uncle Rowdy wasn't suppose to do things like that.

do you want to know?

Gabby was looking forward to fun things. Maybe not prom, but..did any of them know about the concert coming up?

"What?" Bree looked at her kind of funny, as if there couldn't be anyone popular coming around here.

"Well, he..." Gabby wasn't sure how to explain it to any of them about, Callum Cade. Maybe he wasn't on American Idol or the Voice, but people knew of him around here (If you liked Indie Music) "My grandmother used to work for his family. She used to talk about him. How he liked to play music, all the time. How he didn't want to go to school, and he just wanted to start a band." Gabby smiled, thinking of good times then. "So..well, I got to meet him..way, before he was famous."

"I never heard of him?" Bree looked at her as if she was making this up.

"I know, you probably haven't." She remembered hearing him sing in his room. He was barely 14 or so then. He was terrible. Oh, the music was good, but not his voice.  "He got his sister to help him." She winced. "Don't you remember that Reality show on MTV, she was on it. The story of that blonde girl who moved to L.A.?"

"Huh?" Bree made a face as if she didn't remember that, either.

"He wasn't on the show. He was trying to go solo then."

Bree nodded as if she didn't know where this was going.

"Well, he's back and he's with that Goth girl Bex, and they're playing at the old Empire Theater." Gabby wanted to go, but she didn't have a ride, and Will wouldn't know what to do.

She didn't want to plea, but maybe Connor could drive them to the concert.


Launna said...

I love how younger people think that older people shouldn't have a romantic life... too funny... until they grow older themselves xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope going to the show is a good idea. People change... :/