Wednesday, March 30, 2016

it won't be so bad

I know what I need

"Omaha, is just up the road, aways." Rowdy's slow voice irritated Irma, slightly. He made it sound as if the heartland city was right across the street. It was a couple of hours away. North, too.

"Yeah, I know, where Omaha is." She was straight lipped and cold, as she hugged herself, protecting the baby already. She thought of how Luna was so worried she'd get fat. Irma was thinner than she ever was.  She sighed, a bit numb from all this talk of moving. "But.." She looked over at Jung who was sitting next to her on Jin's pale love-seat, as if she must be his interpreter. She gritted slightly. "We have jobs here."

"I bet you can transfer." He sounded as if he liked a girl who worked.

Irma pressed her lips tight. Finally, she squeezed her eyes tight. She didn't like Omaha, all that much. She'd had an ex-boyfriend, who lived up in Elkhorn. What if she saw him, again? She looked over at Jung. She knew he'd been reading lips.

This old cowboy, Rowdy made it sound as if it were be free room and board. Nothing to worry about. She'd never had anything come that easy in her life. There was always a catch.

"You, won't try to take the baby, away from us?" Irma was serious.

"Now, why would we go and do that?" Rowdy squinted so, as if it had never crossed his mind. "I'm just here, helping out JoJo. I know, she cares about you two, and the baby."

Irma, suddenly felt as if she was falling, and she did..right into Jung's lap.

it won't be so bad

JoJo took her pulse. She asked her sons if Irma had eaten. They looked at each other, without a clue.

She asked Jin for some juice. Luckily, he had some.

"Are you allergic to anything?" She asked right away, when Irma finally stirred.

It was hard to believe she was staring at someone who was a part of her family. She could see Irma was a bit shaky. Her blood sugar was low.

"Why don't you make her sandwich?" She looked to Jin, who of course was on it, even if it were peanutbutter and jelly, slapped together.

"You're eating for two, you know." She pressed a smile and hoped Irma didn't mind that she wanted to help her.

"You, don't have to work, if..if you don't want too. I mean, if you do..." She sighed, as if she couldn't come up with a good answer. "We want you to be OK. And, and if Jung is so fond of you..We're only here to help."

She looked back at Jin. Yes, he was a lot like her ex-husband. Usually, indifferent and always wanting to be left alone.

"If you come back with us, we.." She looked at Rowdy, still unsure if he'd actually want her to move in, but maybe she should. "We can help. We want the best for you two."

She watched Irma eat the sandwich, ever so hungry.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This is a huge decision for Jin.


Launna said...

Irma needs to take much better care of herself and she needs to let people help her...

Sara-h Jane said...

I am glad they were there for Irma