Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Here we go

Home is where you are

"Well, of course, I'll be there for you." Rowdy looked at JoJo, as if she needed him more than ever, with this family crisis of hers. "You, never said you had kids?"

She then mentioned that one of them was deaf. She nursed her bottom lip, as if this would be the end of everything. His girlfriend was pregnant.

"Oh, you aren't thinking you're too young to be a grandmother, are you?" He teased, as he went to pour her a cup of coffee in his kitchen.

"Its just.." She pressed her lips tight. "The more I..I try to keep him with me, the farther he..he tries to get away from me." She told him that he worked in a grocery store in Kansas City. She worried about him, all the time.

Rowdy, supposed he would worry about him too. Especially, if he was deaf.

"Maybe, I should bring them back here." She hugged herself hard. "I know, he won't like it. I'm only trying to help."

He could see she was practically in tears, and wasn't in need of coffee, but a hug.

"I've got room here, if that would help." His rough hands smoothed down her silky hair. She was so delicate, and yet he knew her strength, too. She was a busy woman who lived in a tiny apartment. All of her money went to the son who was studying to be a doctor. Naturally, that was the one who had never had a part-time job.

Yeap, he could feel it. There were going to be some changes. He hoped no one would mind at home.

True Blue

Josh wished it was all so much quicker. Especially, getting the karate school up and running. It felt like a balancing act. Just when he thought it was a go ahead, well..a little more investigating, time and of course, money were involved.

"It'll happen." He promised his grandmother. "Yes, we have enough to eat." Even if it were mainly beans, rice and tortillas. "No, we haven't let anything happen to the apartment." He sighed, running out of things to tell his grandmother. There were no luxiousies. Not even a TV. And NO... he hadn't heard from Tina.

Sometimes, Tina liked to talk. Sometimes, she could be so quiet on the phone. He felt sure he would never see her, again. She hadn't even called his grandmother, to find out about Harley.

He felt so blue. Everything so gray and grim, but then he thought of some happy news.

"Oh, remember, Irma, that I mentioned, before?" Suddenly, it felt as if something great was coming soon. "Well, she's gonna have a baby." His grandmother always loved to hear about babies.

no nothing

Jung hadn't wanted to sit still, since he heard his mother was coming. Naturally, he brought Irma home when he found out his mother would be calling within the hour. Of course, he couldn't speak to her, but he needed Irma to tell him the truth because he never was quite sure if he knew if Jin was explaining everything to him, even if he did sign well.

"Why does she have to be here?" Jin was so cold. He never smiled, but pointed at Irma.

"You know why." Jung could feel his body, wanting to fight him, but he only signed back, ever so fierce. Not even Irma could read him.

Jung told her that he thought his mom was coming a few weeks ago, and then the next. "Maybe she doesn't care." Jung was straight lipped, doing his damnedest to be inexpressive, like his brother.

Jin swelled a frown as if he hated this situation. Obviously, Irma's fault.

Jung kept staring at his brother's cell on his desk next to his laptop, trying to will it to ring, but a knock came to the door, instead.

For a moment, Jung didn't know what to think,

But there was his mom, and she was with a cowboy.


Launna said...

I think Rowdy can be quite thoughtful and caring. .. that's nice

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Hmmm...I wonder who the cowboy is. Clearly a new beau of his mom's?