Monday, March 28, 2016

You and Me

You & Me

Irma was hoping Jung would be with her, about now, but he wasn't. That brother of his was practically keeping him locked up. But at least this little revelation had brought her and her cousin closer together.

Jess helped her find a doctor to get everything clarified. Yes, the pregnancy test was certainly correct and Irma had a big bottle of gummy vitamins to take.

"What if you two... have to got back to Korea?" Jess brought up the fact, how close Korean families were.

"Huh." Irma almost laughed at that. Jung and his brother were on their own, basically. She had doubts about ever meeting Jung's mother.

She knew how this would run its course. She'd be all on her own raising this baby, just because Jen was certain to keep them apart.

"It'll be all right." Her cousin went thrifting with her, just to pass the time. "You, probably won't have to think about maternity clothes." Jess shrugged. "I'm not even sure if they make maternity clothes, anymore."

Irma shook her head, again. Jess was going to put herself down. Irma knew this story, so well. How Jess could never lose weight due to her thyroid problem. She'd had cancer a couple of years ago, and they (doctors) removed something that changed her metabolism.

"You know, I want to be with Jung." Irma said before Jess could go into the terrible tale, that changed her life forever.

"I know. And I..I hope it works out." Jess kept looking at floral dresses, but she'd put them back.

"So, have you seen Slater, anymore?" Irma wanted to know.

"We went to the movies." She was ever so straight lipped about it.

"Well..that' wanted, isn't it?" Irma looked at her.

"He always took me to the movies." She sighed, as if he only wanted to go to places in the dark with her.

Irma's woeful wince took her in the opposite direction, to look at furniture. Jess followed quickly.

"Wait, he..he did say he'd take me out, know, he starts actually working." Jess told her.

Irma hugged herself, thinking how much in her life had changed, but not really. No, not really at all.

Me & You

Josie still wasn't sure what Henry was trying to get at, about Halie and Alo's little brother. Of course, he didn't tell her any of this, until after they'd spent the evening with Gage and Halie.

They'd had lots of laughs. Naturally, Halie teased Josie, only a little, about her baby bum and shared stories with her about being pregnant. She'd been positive and very affectionate with Gage.

"I just don't see it." Josie thought of the moments of how engaging Halie was, with all of them.

"Of course, you wouldn't..but there is a different side of her. I know, you know." Henry looked at her as if Jose's head was in the clouds. "Remember, how..she was, the time she met Gage. It was like, you weren't even there."

Josie sighed and put her hands on her stomach. She knew what people thought, she was holding her stomach so it wouldn't fall any lower. Actually, it was the need to feel every move the baby made.

Josie nursed her bottom lip. Wondering what she was suppose to do.

"Don't worry about it. I mean, if she has her heart set on this fellow, well..she'll do it. But maybe she'll get sidetrack. Maybe, Halie will remember ..what's really important to her." Henry put his arm around Josie. The dishes were done. They could just lounge around now and listen to soft music.

Josie didn't think June could come quick enough. Still, it was nice to hold hands and nap.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad that Josie is getting some alone time with Henry.


Launna said...

I adore Josie and Henry, he is so good to her... I can't wait to see how they handle the baby ...