Wednesday, May 18, 2016

a little angel

a little angel

Caitlin wanted to be alone with the baby. After all, she'd been in child birth for way over 24 hours. But at least, she hadn't had a C-section.  A part of her felt she was a fighter, yet..she hadn't fought enough. Her parents were still here.

Of course, Logan only wanted to sleep on his tummy on her chest. He hadn't got the hang of breast feeding yet. He was literally tongue tied.

She was depressed about it for a few minutes, but she was too tired to think much of it. After all, the baby only needed about a tea-spoon of breast milk every couple of hours.

Unfortunately, her mother was in an uproar about it. Evidently, her mother over fed them, when they were infants.

Caitlin wanted them to go home. Her parents would hardly go to the waiting room when the doctor stitched her up. She hated to think of her dad there, during the delivery. But there was her little Logan to hold. He was so Jesse, with his little waves of black hair. As it was, she wasn't so sure what color the baby's eyes were. He was in a lull.

No, Logan was nothing at all what she'd longed for, so long ago when she thought she wanted a baby with Roman. Blonde. Blueberry eyed. Oh, Logan was much much better. Perfect toes and fingers. His mouth was precious.

He was a snoozer though. Didn't even care to breast feed. When they came to clip his tongue. She couldn't watch, but Jesse did.

Once Logan got back to her, he snuggled next to her and fell back to sleep.

Luckily, her folks went to lunch. Grayson and Nora would be here by late afternoon. Hopefully, she'd have a shower by then.

But here was her beautiful Logan. His little fists, already learning to find her. She could do nothing but lay still, and watch his every movement.

Jesse was already on the couch, half way sleeping.

"You, should hold him." She informed him, he should bond with Logan. Jesse nodded and did what she asked. Naturally, Logan wailed little infant yelps. His pink body shaking and tiny fingers stretched out.

As soon as Jesse went back to the couch with him and put him on his chest, Logan was exactly where he wanted to be.

"Now, don't fall asleep." She could barely get out of bed, but she knew she'd have to do a lot of things on her own. Like, go to the bathroom.

Jesse nodded.

Her body felt as if it had been through a wrecking ball, as she edged her way across the room to the bathroom.

She heard Jesse yawn as he leaned back with his chin of whiskers brushing the top of Logan's head.

Logan slept soundly as if he would be in this exact same position when she got back.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Logan sounds like a little dream.


Launna said...

How sweet is this... I like how they are bonding... adorable