Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Here it comes

Here it comes

It had been a long night. Actually, a long week..the last couple of days.

Yes, Jesse wasn't sure how long this could go on. So many times, he wanted to speak his mind. "JUST DO A C-SECTION ALREADY!" But NO, Caitlin wanted it all to be natural. Naturally, she wanted to document the whole thing on FACEBOOK, in a pretty gown..all made up. She would have had flowers in her hair, if they'd let her.

Of course, she was all smiles, in the beginning of the inducing. Yes, as luck would have it (in spite of all those contractions) it came down to going in, to be be induced.

Her parents were there.  Grayson and Nora were on their way. It was a family affair. And the big event would happen in a suite at the hospital.

By now, Jesse was dragging. He didn't know anymore he could do, than to hold her hand and watch her heave.

No more smiling.

But this was it! She was up to 10 centimeters. Not much longer. They kept saying that two hours later.

Jesse was about to fall in the floor, for lack of sleep. Caitlin kept fussing with her mother. Her mother's hands were so cold. She kept saying she wanted Jesse to hold her.

Of course, he didn't know what to believe.

He winced. The doctor told her to push. Caitlin only gritted, as she seemed to be stirring up a huge hairball at the back of her head.

Jesse almost grimace. He felt a little faint, but then he hadn't eaten since yesterday. He was sweating bullets. All the waiting, was getting to him. She was pushing, even an hour later.

He'd almost given up. And then the baby came with a harden cry. Of course, the yucky stuff came afterwards. But Jesse was strong enough to cut the umbilical cord.

They had a baby boy.


Launna said...

Awe... yay... I'm glad the baby finally came xox ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cheers to their baby boy! Excited to see what they name him!