Monday, May 16, 2016

We could even go to the sea

we could even go to the sea

Dewey didn't know what to expect when they said his family was here. He hadn't seen his mom since Christmas, and that was about a fifteen minute visit.

Somehow, he felt shunned. He didn't know why she was so weird, lately. He'd been uprooted last September, didn't even get to go to the homecoming dance.

He knew if he'd made the football team, it might have been different. If only, he'd been a leader.

But he was the quiet sort. He just plodded along quietly, stayed invisible for the most part. Even here, he kept to himself. He knew there were so many who had such serious problems. He couldn't think of himself being part of his mother anguish. But he guessed he was his mother's problem.

When he stepped into the sunlight, there was his sister Brittany with a picnic basket. Some white guy was holding Theo.

He guessed they were going to eat lunch here.

"Let's get out of here." She smiled. "How about the zoo?"

"Are you, for real?" He hadn't gone anywhere since he'd gotten here. She nodded.

"You're coming home with us." She gave him a hug.

"Huh." Dewey couldn't wait to get his Android phone back. He wondered if there would be any text... from a certain someone, or had she forgotten about him?


Launna said...

It's nice that Dewey's sister is coming in to help him out... I do hope it helps xox ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Awww...I'm so excited for them!


Sara-h Jane said...

Aww! How exciting! :)