Friday, May 6, 2016

a little more talk

a little more talk

Sheena didn't believe Omaha, when he told her they would need four eggs for the brownies.

Evidently, Sheena didn't like eggs. They were bad for your cholesterol. She informed him.

"You, don't look like, you need to worry about your cholesterol." He got out the flour. Unfortunately, he ended up getting it all over his face when he plopped it on the counter. She laughed.

She really liked to laugh around him.

He went on with dumping the little extras for the flour. He said the eggs should mix with the sugar. He heated Crisco and stirred in the Cocoa, while she was playing with the mixer, like it might be a space gun.

"Look, I had no idea you'd be this dangerous in the kitchen." He smirked, as if she was acting like a petty school girl. She gave him a perturbed look as she put the mixer down in the bowl. It was as if she'd have nothing to do with this, after all.

"Come on. Just turn it on while I pour this in." It wasn't that hot, yet.. practically black oil.

She was a bit timid then as she watched the eggs and sugar churn. In came the liquid. and he dumped in flour mixture. Soon it was ready for the next phase. The oven.

"How do you know all this stuff?" She wanted to know.

"I dunno, I studied a box of Hershey Cocoa, once." But then he told her that recipe wasn't on the back of the box, anymore. "The eggs will hold it together." He licked a finger full of the batter.

"What if you get sick?" Sheena looked at him as if he was being suicidal.

Omaha only shrugged and marked her on the nose with what was left on his chocolate thumb and pushed the glass casserole dish in the oven.

He noticed her gaze.


"You're not gay, are you?" She was serious, as she went to wipe off her nose with a paper towel. No way was she getting close to the brownie batter.

Omaha laughed so hard, his sides practically hurt.

"No one, has ever asked me before." He finally said, "But no, sorry..I'm not."

"But, you live with a guy?" She watched him clean up.

"Yeah, and he's got a girlfriend. He's with her this weekend in Chicago." He told her.

"Really?" She made it sound like an open invitation.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This certainly changes things...


Launna said...

How cute, I like this cute flirting