Thursday, May 5, 2016

final destination

Max & Daisy

Max let Taylor do most of the driving. After all, there was Mandy to tend too. Actually, she was rather good. But he could tell near the end, she wanted to get out of the car seat and take off, somewhere.

Needless, to say, he was exhausted by the time they got to the hotel where Sara and Daisy were staying. Actually, maybe he needed a nap. He wasn't used to such a long drive, like this. Honestly, he knew in his heart, he liked his small town.

The streets were exhaustively, crowded here. He could hardly stand it, but was thankful Taylor drove.

Taylor spent a good portion of the drive, discussing how he wanted to improve the house he wanted to buy.

"If we have French doors going out on the deck," Taylor smiled. "Sara, I know, would love it."

Max could see Taylor was a little hesitant to see Sara. He did take his sweet time, getting lost a time or two, but finally they made the destination.

And as happy as he was to see Daisy, Max could tell something was bothering her.

"What happened?" He wanted to know, after they had a little walk to the park where Mandy could play, even if it were about nightfall.

She swelled a frown, as if he had nothing to be happy about.

"We could go home." He just said as if that was the answer to everything.

She shook her head and started to cry as she plopped into a swing.

Max sighed, wondering if he'd have to guess, but then she mumbled something about being pregnant.

here we are

"I dunno why you do this..." Max started, as he gazed at Daisy. "You, were like this last time, too."

Daisy recalled they weren't exactly back together then, when she was pregnant with Mandy. This was totally different.

Daisy didn't want to listen. She winced more tears, as she watched him pick up Mandy before she could find a mud puddle.

"WE are not... your Mom and Dad." He looked at her as if that was hope enough to go on. "But we will be..if.." Max sighed as if this was her call. She would have to decide.

"You know, are all the family I know." His voice cracked and he made her cry even harder. "I want us to be married. I want..I want what you want us to be." He hugged Mandy more. "But..but I dunno what that is."

Daisy pressed her lips tight. Why was she her own worst enemy?

"OK." She sighed as if it would be done. They would get married. What else could she do? Daisy knew she'd be lost without Max. "But, but maybe its time, for really..really go to the University now. Stop working at the diner."

"But." He looked at her blankly.

She nodded. They'd have to be a burden to her father a little longer. She was certain of it now. Neither one could take on the family business like her father planned.

"I dunno, he..he needs-"

"Max, you're a whole lot more than a waiter." Daisy was sure who to be mad at. Honestly, she'd never wanted her dad to open the diner in the first place. But it was his dream, he'd named it after her.

Daisy nursed her bottom lip. She needed a change. She wanted to go home now, but she knew Max wouldn't let her do that, quite so easily. After all, this was an internship. He wanted her to make the most of it.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Daisy needs a little inspiration and motivation!


Launna said...

I hope things work out okay for Daisy... she's got a lot going on