Wednesday, May 4, 2016

just a little adventure

Sheena and Omaha

Sheena couldn't help to want to find out where Omaha lived. She'd seen some new paperwork about his new address. That's when she noticed, he didn't live but one or two streets over from her.

It was nice out, so she went for a walk. And there he was.

"What are you doing?" She smiled, thinking it was a bit of a hokey question, but sometimes, she found herself wanting to annoy him, even if she didn't really want too.

"What?" Oh, that look of shock. " there something ..I'm suppose to be doing?" He sputtered, letting her stand there, at the door. She noticed he had company.

"I'm sorry..I know..I would have..I should have called." However, she didn't spy on the paperwork long enough to get his phone number.

"No, I'm going." His friend made  a swift exist, but Sheena was still standing at the door.

"Did..did I do something wrong?" His thought was still about work. She was just work. She guessed.

"No." Oh, she had to laugh, with a little push, as her hand met his broad chest. She smiled, feeling as if she might be walking on air.

Suddenly, she felt faint, but she didn't let it bother her. She managed to fall right into the couch, as if she did this, every time she came over.

"So, you weren't doing anything?" She set up as if she might have something important to show him in her denim bag, but she didn't.

He shook his head, no and set in the recliner.

She looked at his toes. He looked like he usually went barefooted. Maybe the beach. At least he was relaxed. This visit wasn't about work.

"We should make brownies." She announced.

"Brownies?" He looked at her as if she might have something else in mind.

She laughed. "You, are so funny."

He looked to the kitchen.

"Cocoa, right?" He looked at her.

She laughed on the insides, hoping she hadn't hurt his feelings, but just as she thought. Omaha's mind worked in mysterious ways. He actually went to find all the ingredients they would need.

Sheena had never made them from scratch.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a fun idea to pass the time!


Launna said...

Haha... this was cute, they both like each other and don't know how to say it...