Thursday, May 26, 2016

going in circles

Finally the day arrived

Brittany felt so behind, but they finally managed to have Josie and Henry's baby shower at a mutual place.

It was almost at the library after hours, but there were some stipulations to consider. Not everyone could be invited if they had it there.

Oh, there was a good bit of talk. Especially, since Halie was helping out. She didn't see why they couldn't have it there while the library was open. So much to consider.

Finally, they settled on Claire's. As much as Brittany didn't want to argue with Halie, she'd let Halie have her way. Except, Halie insisting it was Brittany who was in charge.

Finally, it happened. And it turned out to be more of an ice cream social, than anything. There were gifts, and plenty of people. Of course, mostly family.

Even Max showed up with Mandy and Rosie and gifts. Luckily, Rossie showed up too. So it was a bit of a reunion, for Rosie and Rossie. They'd met before, at Rossie and Derrick's wedding.

Still, Brittany was worried Josie might have the baby at the party. She was certain Josie was having contractions, even if Josie kept saying she was fine.

Brittany only winced more, thinking of her twenty-four hours of labor. Oh, she was certain it was twenty-seven. She almost told her about it.

"Oh, lets don't go there. This isn't a party about all our birthing horror stories." Halie cut in. Yes, finally something they could agree on. They wanted the baby shower to be a happy time.

its you in the corner

Xander promised next time, Sheena would meet his boyfriend. After all, Xander picked her up and took her to the Josie's baby shower.

"He works, a lot of nights." Xander told her all about Ducky.

"I'm impressed." Sheena smiled back as if she might be Xander's number one fan. "I think this'll do me good. Even though, I'll be... so out of my element." She told him she wasn't all that close to her co-workers.

"Well, of."

Xander knew who she was talking about.

"Maybe something like a baby shower, will take your mind off...Omaha." He couldn't help to say that maybe she was thinking too much about this guy. But, he'd never met him. He doubted he ever would.

Of course, the party was in full swing when they got there.

"Oh God." Sheena froze.

"What?" Xander wanted to know.

"He'" She sounded so shocked, as she wanted to point out, the tall one with the golden tan and the very dark hair.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope his presence doesn't wreck Sheena for the night. :/


Launna said...

I'm getting excited for Josie and Henry... it's so sweet their friends are there for them ♡