Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Schools out for summer

the rules of the threesome

" have a girlfriend?" Rosco kept asking about Nic, as if Cho was keeping a big secret from him.

Cho shook his head, no. He was only doing Nic a favor. He hardly spoke to her/him anymore. But it was fun, the night of prom, going out in tuxedos. It was nice to reconnect. He guessed... they were friends after all. And Nic's new trans decision, Cho was obviously on board with. It seemed she didn't have many friends at school anymore.

"We might hangout this summer. You know, go to a movie, now again, you can come too." Cho promised he'd let Rosco know when. "But if you hang out with Nic...just think of one of the guys."

"What?" Rosco winced hard, as they were coming down the hallway, at school as it was more vacant then usual, with no more Seniors.

Cho pointed to the Trans restroom. Granted, it was one restroom, that locked on the inside. Only one individual could use it at a time.

"You're serious?" Rosco sounded as if Nic signed up for the circus.

Cho sighed with a smile.

"And you're not a redneck, right?" Cho shrugged.

"I want to meet her."

"Him." Cho corrected.

Rosco looked at him blankly.

"You, have to be cool." Cho told him.

"I am cool." Rosco insisted, as Cho looked down at Rosco's pointy toed boots. Cho hated to break it to him, that that might not be true. Somehow, he really wasn't sure he was ready to spend the summer with Nic and Rosco.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Rosco could use a little culture in his life.


Launna said...

I somehow don't think Rosco will be cool... let's hope I am wrong ... :)