Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Until then

Until then

School was almost over for summer.  Ivy guessed it was settled. She would work at the zoo. She and her brother worked there last summer and they'd already got their schedule. It would be practically full time, only every other day. Still it was set in stone. She would be going nowhere this summer.

"That's fine with me." It was no big deal to Randy, who still worked at the grocery store. He'd saved up enough money to get a used car, that Easy(his foster dad) fixed. It was doable. Nothing fancy. Perhaps he was just biding his time with the foster family until he graduated from high school.

After all, they'd had a wonderful  Prom. Except for one hitch, her best friend, Nicole came as guy, with Cho (her brother).

This really felt like a low blow to Ivy. Why was she the last to know?

"Well, you know, I've been binding for years." Nic looked at her point blank on the issue.

"Oh." Ivy could hardly manage to think of her close friend as a guy. And Nic was transferring to public school in the fall. This broke Ivy's heart even more.

1. She didn't know how to be around her friend who was changing genders.

2. Nic was somebody different now. Who needed her support. Still, Ivy didn't see how she could do this if Nic was going to be on her own.

Of course, Cho would take care of that. Ivy only nodded when Cho told her this.

Naturally, Ivy thought Cho should be going to the private school instead of her. Their parents could only afford to send one of them off to the better school. Yet, Ivy hated the pressure to get good grades. There was Cho at the top of his class, as if he had nothing better to do.

Yes, Ivy was sad about a lot of things. But all she could say to Randy.

"I'm not going to see you enough this summer." She sounded tired already from a summer job she hadn't even started.

"Oh, yes you will." He informed her, he planned to come over and see her every night. That is, if her parents would let him.


Launna said...

Ivy won't be bored like she thinks... Randy seems taken with her..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think they'll have a fab summer together!