Friday, May 20, 2016

its like this

its like this

"Well...we should bring something." Gage looked at Omaha, as they stood in the vast isle of babyland at the mega grocery store. They'd said they would meet up here and go see Jesse and the baby at the hospital.

"I don't think he's had a bath yet." Gage nodded.

"They don't bathe babies..when their born." It wasn't a question to Omaha as he looked over at Gage.

"No, I mean Jesse." Gage guessed Jesse really needed all the friends he could get. It was all Caitlin's family at the hospital.

"Now, that's a devoted dad." Omaha gritted, who went first to grab the newborn pampers.

"That's it?"

"Well..babies need diapers." Omaha shrugged.

"Right." Gage agreed and got some newborn diapers too. "But with that new fan-dangled job of yours-"

"OK." Omaha grabbed some baby wipes, ones for sensitive behinds.

They turned to leave, just to meet a friendly face, who wanted to know... what Omaha was doing here.

That one time

Grayson found it hard to look at baby Logan, snuggled to Jesse's chest. Caitlin was asleep.

"You wanna hold him?" Jesse asked, but Logan flinched as if he liked where he was.

" couldn't." Gray shook his head, but Jesse didn't take no for an answer, he gave him right to Grayson.

"He likes being on his stomach." Jesse sighed. "I know, that's totally wrong, but he cries on his back."

Soon enough, Gray was watching the baby make little mouth movements. Gray couldn't help to smile.

"You know, we're expecting a baby in September." Grayson hadn't told his folks yet, but he supposed they might have noticed Nora's small baby bum. She was still so slender. Not at all like his sister who still looked like she might be expecting.

"Was my sister, really bad?" Grayson winced. She was out for the count now.

"No, of course not." Jesse cracked a smile, as if he did know Caitlin rather well.

"I think of the time she stumped her toe, and I had to carry her everywhere, piggyback, back in 6th Grade." Grayson shook his head. "I felt really sorry  for who ever might get stuck with her, one day. Especially, on an occasion like this."

Jesse's smile was open as if he was a pro now, as a husband and a father.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I like the bonding sesh between Grayson and Jesse!


Launna said...

It's so sweet how everyone wants to help out... really cute