Saturday, May 21, 2016

when you care about the young folks

when you care about the young folks

Omaha didn't like that look Gage was giving him.

"You didn't tell me, you had a girlfriend." Gage whispered before they all got in Gage's car to go to the hospital.

Omaha rolled his eyes at that. Sheena asked, "What?" He gave her a quick smile. She rode in the back. He was in the passenger seat.

Gage knew a quick way to get there. It wasn't long until they made it to the Maternity suite. Gage mentioned that his cousin and fiancee were going to have their baby here.

Omaha wasn't really interested. He didn't know Jesse's girl. Wife, he remembered. All he wanted to do was drop off this stuff. Stand quietly for a long ten minutes..and go.

But as it was, he was next in line to hold a baby. Of course, Gage went first.

"Shouldn't he be in his crib?" Omaha looked at the little clear crib that said the baby's name and weight.

"Oh, he doesn't like it." Jesse shrugged.

Omaha set next to Gage and Sheena squeezed in next to him. It was a little tight for Omaha's comfort.

Of course, he felt so clumsy. And the little one squirmed so, even in his sleep. Omaha gritted a smile, not wanting to like this one little bit. But he did.

It was so overwhelming. It was as if he'd been set in cement. He couldn't move. The baby was mesmerizing.

just a thought

Sheena had never seen a little head, quite so round. And that head of dark hair. There was a strange wave to it, that stuck to his scalp.

"Do you think, your baby would be like this one?" Sheena found herself asking.

"What?" Omaha looked at her as if she'd got it all wrong. "Uh..huh..I don't know-"

Sheena, couldn't help but chuckle.

"I..I..don't even know her." He sounded so offended.

"You, can always make me laugh." She smiled as she took the baby, with care, from him. Naturally, the newborn cried out, when he was on his back. She followed Jesse's instruction, but baby Logan started to root on her shoulder.

His cry woke Caitlin.

"You better let me have him." She yawned. It was nursing time.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Omaha's naivete is always a laugh.


Launna said...

It's funny how people act around babies ... they have a way of drawing you in