Tuesday, May 10, 2016

not a chance

Not A Chance

Sara wanted to be so mad at Taylor. She planned to lay it on the line to him about doing all these things without her.

How could he? Just buy a house. This was suppose to be... oh she didn't know how she would be, once she saw him.

Of course, it was all hugs and deep kisses. She'd been away from him, far too long. Yes, even holding hands with him was comforting.

She didn't really know just how homesick she was until she saw him in the parking lot. She almost got ran over, trying to get to him. But he caught her, just in time.

So after all the making up, they went for a walk. They needed some time alone. This time, she was really going to yell at him, but she didn't.

"I just don't know..how..how you could do it. Let..let some guy..move in with you, and then..you want him to be with us, when we move into a house?" She almost squinted tears. As it was, Omaha would be living there way before she would.

"It'll give us more time to fix it up." Taylor's smile was open. All she could see was the little boy he used to be, or maybe the one..they would have one day. She was full of hope about that. And it did make her heart ache. She couldn't get this Chicago thing over, fast enough.

She watched his hand in hers. He'd come so far. She knew she should be hugging him, but she wanted to walk with him.

"Dad will help. So will yours." He sounded as if everyone was happy about this new investment.

Sara nodded and nursed her bottom lip. The future was in progress. She couldn't hold it back, even if she tried.

Sara sighed. Oh, how she wanted to go home with Taylor.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Sara would worry less. Taylor is being so sweet.


Launna said...

Taylor is a doll..., I hope Sara can see that ...