Monday, May 9, 2016

a little less drama

a little less drama

"What?" Xander winced when he heard Ducky's story about Joey. He didn't believe him. Or was it, he didn't want too?

"I'm not saying she's a fantasy. She's imaginary." Ducky said Joey was under observation. He'd had an episode, while at the hospital.

"They're keeping him?" Xander looked bewilder, as if this was all Ducky's fault. Xander didn't think it was right. It wasn't like Joey endangered anyone.

"I'm...I'm sure once his mom gets here know, they settle on some sort of treatment..."

"But..but.. he hasn't hurt anyone!" Xander didn't understand all the fuss, even if he just couldn't feel calm about this. He still couldn't get over the idea of Chelsea being imaginary.  A part of Xander felt sad, that he couldn't see Chelsea, too.

"Don't you go saying he's fine." Ducky was serious. "He's not. He needs help." Ducky pressed his lips tight, as if Xander needed to be on his side, not Joey's. "I'm not saying he'd hurt anyone. Probably, just himself. "

Xander shook his head. The kettle was singing. He went to make tea.

"So, you think his Mom will come?" Xander, wondered now if anything Joey had ever told him was true.

"They did get in touch with her, but she won't be here until tomorrow." Ducky told him.

Xander nodded, thinking it would be good to meet her, to talk to her. He just had to meet her.

"You, really don't need to be involved in any of this." Ducky assured him, but Xander didn't think that was possible. He knew Joey. Or he thought he did.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's nice to see Ducky and Xander doing what they can for Joey!


Launna said...

Poor Joey, I am glad he has Xander...