Sunday, May 8, 2016

take it to the limit

Take it to the limit

Ducky thought the night was going relatively quiet. Possibly, slow at the Emergency room.

At least, it gave him time to think about Xander, wondering if he was really OK about finding his birth mother. Of course, Ducky's mother brought up the idea that maybe, it was just as well to think about the mother, he'd always known. She wanted to bring her to the states.

They'd had a few on going arguments about it. Xander needed to be the one to ask. Why didn't his mother understand this?

All the while, Ducky was thinking they should find their own place together, but no way was Xander wanting to leave his apartment. especially with his pregnant neighbor, nearby.

Ducky guessed it would always be something. That's when he noticed a frantic Joey, in front of him.

"WHERE IS SHE!" He wanted to know, as he took the collar of Ducky's white coat. There was a certain desperation in his eyes and shaky voice, that Ducky had never seen before.

"Who?" Ducky's eyes bulged back.

" girlfriend, Chelsea." He glared at Ducky, as if he'd know.

"Uh, I..I haven't heard anyone mention ..a..a Chelsea." Ducky pried Joey's fingers from around his throat.

Ducky stepped back, and tried to be as professional as he could, observing Joey's erratic behavior.

"GO FIND HER. She's pregnant!" Joey ordered.

Ducky twisted around and started checking curtained off rooms. Most were empty.

"I don't see her." He turned back to Joey. "Maybe..she's in the restroom." Ducky grabbed his shoulders before Joey ran to the women's restroom. A couple nurses went to look.

Ducky watched Joey, practically spinning out of control. Ducky looked over Joey's shoulder to see a concerned nurse, shake her head, no. No Chelsea nor pregnant girl in the women's restroom. No one was crying for help. No Chelsea in their computer data, either.

No one had seen Chelsea. But then, no one knew what Chelsea looked like, either.

"Do you have a photograph?" Ducky questioned. Joey nodded.

Joey pulled out his wallet, and gave Ducky a thin piece of white paper.

"Hmm..I don't think I recognize her." Ducky kept looking at the blank paper. He knew what he needed to do, but how could he keep Joey, here?

Ducky knew it would sound crazy. "I think..she might that room."

Maybe, if Joey talked to someone from the psych ward. It wasn't like he needed a straight jacket. Or did he?

"I think we should wait for her there. Maybe, maybe they took her, for... some tests." Ducky hoped he could calm Joey down. Hopefully, they'd find out about this Chelsea, or what was Joey's real problem.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

For Chelsea's sake, I wish Joey would chill a little.


Launna said...

Ducky needs to calm down or he'll be no good for Chelsea ...