Saturday, June 11, 2016

A guy named Stu

A guy named Stu

Stu should have expected it. Callum's little recording studio was no more than a hole in a wall of a downtown space. Callum would be so generous. Like, getting Stu to come work for him.

So what if Stu spent plenty of time and money at the Conservatory, here he was, not much more than a band roadie.

He'd gotten back from a short vacation. He'd visited his Dad on a remote island in Hawaii. Saw some friends back at art school and ended up here. His old hometown. It would always be a hometown to him. He'd grown up here, for the most part.

As it was, his Dad always had a hankering for Hawaii. Sometimes, it seemed Stu always tried to do what his Dad wanted, or even Callum.

Stu and went back a long way. They'd played together long before Callum was ever famous. Evidently, they were best friends.

Stu did have friends, everywhere he went. Still, he wasn't so sure he knew the definition of BEST FRIEND.

But here he was, checking out the studio. That was..if the girl at the desk would let him have the key.

"Well, he didn't leave me one." She shrugged. Even so, she looked a little too happy to be here. She was quite bubbly. Well, Stu could do that too.

"I'm the new mixer." He introduced himself. "I guess Cal's around."

"Cal?" She looked puzzled.

"Mr. Cade." Was it all business these days?

"Oh." She wondered if she knew him.

Stu smiled with a nod, but what he really needed was to check out the equipment. See if the room was soundproof and was everything up to date.

He went on to find the door. It was unlocked.

"Did you need some help?" The girl named Samantha said she sang backup when needed. "I could let you know if everything is working." She could do her part with the mics.

"Sure." Stu smiled, yet a little indifferent. What was she doing here? Trying to get a record deal?

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope this is an opportunity for Samantha!