Friday, June 10, 2016

Up until now

up until now

Well, Sky didn't know what to say when Sam quit her job at the library. At least working for Callum Cade would be fulltime. Still, he didn't like it, but he couldn't make a big deal about it.  As it was, he was doing what he could as an orderly at the hospital and taking classes at night. It was a full load. But he knew it would pay off, some day.

And as much at that indie idol Callum Cade (old friend but possible foe) wanted Sky to be one of his main musicians at his new recording studio, Sky didn't want to go down that road. Especially, with Sam. Sky only hoped she got this music dream out of her system.

Unfortunately, he was beginning to think THEY (Sky and Sam) never saw each other, anymore. As it was, their items from the library were overdue. Use too, fines were free. But from that look Henry was giving him at the library counter, Sky guessed not. After all, Henry was the assistant to the Head of Circulation. He did the brunt work of customer service.

"So how's everything going?" Sky asked as he shelled out a twenty. Henry took the money and went to make change.

"Any day now." It sounded as if Henry wasn't completing his sentences, or did he want Sky to guess?

"What?" He winced.

"You know, Josie and the baby." Henry told him that he thought it was overdue. "But if something doesn't start happening by the end of the week, she goes in, to be induced."

Sky stared at Henry a little baffled. A part of him felt he was so behind the times, like starting a family. He didn't want to envy Henry, but Henry was having a baby with Sky's ex.

Sky would have never ever thought that would have happened. As he put a few dollar bills back in his wallet, he wondered if there was a chance Sam might get away from him too. Why did Sam have to like Callum Cade so much?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Sky finds his own happiness.


Launna said...

I hope Sky just moves on ... finds a life with someone new