Friday, June 24, 2016

at the lake

at the lake

"So what do, you think will happen now?" Bree's question only stumped Simon more. It was on his mind, even now..when he was home. Alone.

Still, it was fresh on his mind. His day with Bree.

He'd talked more about his ex, than he should have. He looked at Bree wondering if she thought less of him.

After all, Wren broke up with him 6 weeks before graduation. He'd cried every night and only ate THINK bars until he saw Bree's happy face.

Was Bree really his girlfriend? It didn't seem real.

"What?" He looked at her blankly as they waded about in the lake on that very hot day, only to get their ankles wet.

Xander was off with Ducky and the mothers. They were speaking in Korean. Simon didn't feel it was his place to say anything.

Although, Ducky's mom was so nice with all the food she brought. Xander's Korean mom even told Simon he was handsome and Bree was very beautiful. "You, make handsome couple. Have handsome children."

Simon was still in shock over that.

"I mean, your parents, you think they'll get a divorce?" Bree was curious about them, not Wren.

"Oh, who knows. Sometimes..." He stared into nothing of the lake water swishing at their feet, lapping higher almost to his rolled kakis he wore. "Sometimes, I think I'll want it to happen, but then Dad will do something really great, like taking me grocery shopping or out to fish...and..and I don't want it to happen."

Bree nodded. "Uncle Rowdy is a lot different from my dad." That's when she told him that her Dad was in prison. She thought he'd tried to get somebody killed.

"Huh?" Sounded like something O.J. Simpson would do, to Simon, but he didn't mention it. "Then again, I never thought he'd have his girlfriend live with him."

"Your Dad?" Simon winced.

Bree only smiled with a chuckle. Next thing he knew, she took him down in the water with her. Her arms wrapped around him. He was sure they'd drown, but his bottom hit first in the soft mud. He sighed with a smile.

She kissed him, as if it was part of a plot to a romance. He didn't want to say it, but she kissed better than Wren. There was just something genuine about Bree. He hoped it was contagious.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Awww...I'm happy for them.


Launna said...

They are so cute, I hope their future is bright