Saturday, June 25, 2016

just can't take it

just can't take it

Connor was still perplexed about the one in his life, he wanted to forget, but couldn't.

He didn't do anything when he saw Bree walk off with Simon in the Commons of the high school. Yet, it played over and over in his head. And there was Jade, looking at him, that she'd won this round.

So he took her to prom because she didn't have a date. He didn't really listen to her problems.

No, he was still pondering over Bree and her extra curricular activities. Actually, he heard it from the horse's mouth. Todd.

And now he was more than perturbed. How come it was evidently .... so easy for Bree to be with anybody but him?

He couldn't tell any of this to Jade, who assumed immediately they were dating. As was saving him.

But the thing was, he didn't want to be saved. Actually, he wanted to be left alone.

Still, Prom was an obligation. Obviously.

Finally, he told her he didn't want to see her again. He figured she would throw a fit.

He knew her behavior when she was with Clive. They argued all the time.

Of course, he thought at the time, that was what made Jade and Clive's relationship. Connor wasn't one to fight back with words.

No, there were no words to describe any of this with Connor.

It seemed Bree did have a reputation. Just what was she so good at? It seemed everyone wanted him to guess.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm curious to learn more about Bree!


Launna said...

Bree has a lot going on...